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Fertiliser Spreaders
with total precision

Amazone Spreaders are designed for you to put precisely the correct amount of fertiliser exactly where you need it. Whether you are a large-scale contractor or a part time farmer, Amazone has a spreader for you.


The advantages of AMAZONE Spreaders

Spreaders Headland Managment System
Headland Management Systems

Amazone provide a wide choice of headland management systems. Spreader vanes, discs, limiters or RTS depending on the model. This means that fertiliser is being placed accurately and not wasted on areas that it is not required.


Precise spreading made easy – a digital, mobile test kit for the easy optimisation of the lateral distribution. Instead of using the test trays, as with the normal mobile test kit, the EasyCheck system consists of just 16 lightweight rubber mats and the EasyCheck App for smartphones.

SBS System
SBS System

The Amazone Soft Ballistic System is integrated as standard from the ZA-M model and up. The agitator, shutter slides and spreading discs are all optimally matched. This protects the fertiliser and ensures it is spread undamaged, so that yields are maintained.

Stainless Steel Spreading System
Stainless steel spreading system

A high quality three stage paint finish (car industry standard) is used on the hoppers and frames, whereas the spreader unit is made completely of stainless steel on all Amazone spreaders.

Spreaders Inteligent Weighing System
Intelligent Weighing System - Profis

The Profis weighing system enables any deviations of the actual application rate from the target rate to be accurately identified. The weigh cells on the current spreader programme measure the weight changes 200 times per second and automatically adjust the shutter positions every 25 kg. The biggest advantage of the weighing system is that it measures in real time, and so the application rate is therefore kept at the optimum all the time, even when side, border, water course or wedge-shaped spreading.

za-v advantages
Advantages as Standard
  • Hopper capacities that can be extended by use of the after-fit extensions
  • Convenience and reliability due to simple and easily accessible adjustment of the spread rate and working width
  • Maintenance-free, oil-immersed gearboxes with integrated overload protection – tried and tested 100,000 times over
  • Robust frame design and a spreading system made completely of stainless steel
  • Calibration set, setting chart and calculating disc rule as standard

The AMAZONE Fertiliser Spreader Range

Many spreaders, one range – Amazone provides the right spreader for any size of operation!



Amazone ZA-X Perfect fertiliser spreaders; designed for farmers with the emphasis on environmental care: precise, reliable, value for money. AMAZONE has focused the development of fertilising technology on optimum plant nutrition. Most important of all, with fertiliser spreading in practice is the precise nutrient placement.



The ZA-M twin-disc spreader, in hopper capacities up to 3,000 litres and spreading widths of up to 36m, is the ideal machine for both farming enterprises and contractors alike and places great value on safety and reliability. The slow-turning, high capacity agitation system and the reduced disc speeds ensure an even, granule-protecting fertiliser flow.



The ZA-V mounted spreader is available in hopper capacities from 1,400 to 4,200 l and is characterised by its high working speeds of up to 30 km/h. Exceptionally high work rates are achieved thanks to its high spreading capacity of up to 390 kg/min and working widths of up to 36 m.

ISOBUS communication, weighing system, the hydraulic or electric Limiter V or V+ border spreading systems plus the many other optional extras make the ZA-V one of the most modern fertiliser spreaders in its class.



The ZA-TS mounted spreader is available with a tank capacity ranging from 1,400 l to 4,200 l and is equipped with the impressive TS spreader system. The TS spreader system provides working widths of up to 54 m together with excellent border spread patterns, meaning that the ISOBUS spreader ZA-TS is one of the best high output spreaders on the market.

The reliable weighing technology, the AutoTS and ClickTS precise border spreading systems as well as the innovative ArgusTwin and WindControl technology and a large number of other options put the fertiliser spreader in a class of its own.



The ZG-TS 01 trailed spreader with hopper capacities of 7,500 l or 10,000 l enables even higher work rates with working widths of up to 54 m and working speeds of up to 30 km/h. The AutoTS integrated border spreading system and the GPS-Switch automatic part-width section control with up to 128 part-width sections provide very precise spreading results. The ProfisPro on-line weighing system guarantees continuous adjustment of the application rate, and the ArgusTwin spread pattern monitoring system provides perfect lateral distribution, even with varying fertilisers or in adverse weather conditions.



AMAZONE sets new standards in the combi spreader sector with the ZG-TX. Both granular mineral fertilisers and earth-moist limes can be applied precisely through the one machine by means of a simple conversion between the TS spreading system and the newly developed spreading unit for lime. The ZG-TX therefore combines the advantages of the precise TS spreading system, with its disc-integrated AutoTS for optimum border spreading results, and maximum efficiency when using lime.



With the ZG-B hopper volumes of 5,500 l and 8,200 l, AMAZONE introduces high capacity trailed spreaders for the economic and ecologic application of mineral fertilisers and earth-moist fertilisers. Thanks to their reliability and easy handling, the ZG-B’s are perfectly suited for operation on large farms, with contractors or in farm overlapping situations. Various specification options and a comprehensive range of special equipment make the ZG-B the individual all-rounder for all fertiliser tasks.

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