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Front PTO and Linkages



Efficent Tractor operation.

The three main advantages of the Zuidberg frontlift system are labour-savings, fuel savings and efficient tractor operation. Activities are now better coordinated because they are carried out in a combined way. For many farmers, dairy farmers, fruit growers and contractors the frontlift and front PTO are a natural complement to the tractor and, due to the many advantages, have become indispensable in everyday operations.

The features of the Zuidberg Frontlift System

Lift cylinders.
Equipped with ball and socket bearings to eliminate play and guarantee a long bearing life.
All parts of the front linkage are deburred, polished, degreased and phosphated.
Ball hook ends.
High-quality hook ends enable easy mounting of implements through a ball coupling.
Lift frame.
Strength and design characterize the cast iron base frame. The frame is manufactured from nodular cast iron, guaranteeing optimum rigidity.
With the Zuidberg front linkage systems, it’s easy to convert from single-acting to double-acting or transport position.
Side plates.
Rigid side plates for an accurate force distribution, shaped to the contours of the tractor.

The Zuidberg Front PTO System

with adjustable proportional engagement

zuidberg linkage

The Zuidberg front PTO system provides power delivery to the highest technical standards. The PTO features an internal oil-immersed multi-plate clutch. Engagement of the clutch is controlled by a proportional and adjustable engagement system. This guarantees a smooth uptake of power to front- mounted implements. The main advantage is a longer life expectancy of your front-mounted machines. The ECON system offers optimum convenience when coupling the intermediate shaft to the PTO due to the 60-degree rotational ability of the PTO stub, without it rotating when in the unloaded condition.

A Zuidberg Front PTO is available for every application and almost every type of tractor. Zuidberg provides the broadest range of Front PTOs available. For high power delivery applications, the Zuidberg PTO is supplied with an oil cooler which allows the gearbox to maintain correct operating temperatures, even in extreme operating conditions. Due to the customized design of the Front PTO systems, each input drive shaft has been designed with service in mind. The various drive shaft combinations enable easy replacing of parts such as V-belts. The PTO has its own integrated oil system and requires no external oil supply. This system reduces fitting times of the PTOs and increases reliability.

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Inexpensive, but really useful and worthwhile. We’ve had ours hooked up to the front of the Deere here for a few years now. Don’t know when I’ve ever took it off in fact, and I’d use it regularly like.

Thomas Malarky

We run the mower off our front PTO system, and it does an excellent job. Little, if any, reduction on power from the engine, and it saves time needed to mow the land. I’d recommend them now.

John McElvaney

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