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ZG-TX – Trailed Combi Spreader


Flexible – Precise – High-performance

Amazone sets new standards in the combined fertiliser and lime spreader sector with the new trailed ZG-TX. The ZG-TX combines the advantages of the TS spreading system, with its disc-integrated AutoTS for optimum border spreading results, with maximum efficiency in spreading lime. Both granular mineral fertilisers and bulk limes can be applied precisely through the one machine by means of a simple conversion between the TS spreading system and the newly developed lime spreader unit. This new machine is available in Special and heavier Super frames.

The precision spreader in its class – accurate fertilisation in focus

The term combi spreader is used to describe machines which meter either mineral fertilisers or lime to two spreading discs via a floor belt. However, the demand for combi spreaders to deliver optimum precision is also increasing. With this demand growing, Amazone developed the ZG-TX, combining functional operation with the precision of the TS spreading system. The first spreader of its kind.

Instead of a simple chute via which the fertiliser is guided onto the disc, a defined delivery point adjustment is integrated into the ZG-TX. This in turn enables features such as Headland Control and Section Control. As a result, the spreading unit, familiar from the TS spreaders, provides precise spread patterns up to a working width of 54 m. When combined with the optional FlowControl torque measuring system, an exact spread rate regulation is guaranteed. The fertiliser is precisely metered using the intelligent interaction between the electric double shutter and floor belt speed. This is also possible for each side independently when using application maps.



Precise border spreading

The AutoTS disc-integrated border spreading system is fitted during assembly to the right-hand side of the machines as part of the TS spreading system. This guarantees an optimum border spreading result right up to the edge of the field, even at large working widths. Previously a feature only found on the ZA-TS and ZG-TS precision spreaders, the system is now also used on the ZG-TX. As a result, up to 17 % additional yield is possible in comparison to conventional border spreading systems. The use of such a border spreading system in a combi spreader is unique.



Double benefit – lime and fertiliser perfectly distributed

The special feature in the ZG-TX is the simple conversion between lime and granular fertilisers. Only a few changes are needed, these include the spreading discs, the splash guard and the delivery system. Thanks to the clever software, the terminal recognises that the spreader has been converted. The combi spreader is converted completely in around 25 minutes enabling either lime or fertiliser then to be spread.



Highly efficient lime spreader with innovative features

The ZG-TX Super has an axle load of 15t combined with a drawbar load of 4t, enabling the maximum load to be carried on a single axle. Steep hopper walls and an optional chain rake guarantee that all materials, even bulk lime, will flow smoothly to the spreading unit. This unique design maintains an even, proportional load on the tractor and axle of the machine.

This newly developed spreading unit ensures maximum work rates. It distributes the lime effectively at working widths of up to 16 m.



The right machine for any application

The various levels of equipment available for the ZG-TX trailed combi spreader means that the machine can be specifically tailored to each application on large-scale farms, for contractors or in machine hire businesses. The Special frame comes with a hopper capacity of 6,800 l and 9,000 l with a maximum permissible machine weight of 17 t. The Super frame variant has a capacity up to 11,200 l and a weight of 21 t.

Whereas the ZG-TX Super is equipped with a rigid bottom hitch drawbar as standard, the ZG-TX Special can also be supplied either with a top or lower mounted drawbar.

AS profile tyres up to 2.05 m diameter or 750 mm wide implement wheels evenly distribute the weight on the ground. The optional axle steering with a steering angle up to 20 degrees completes the product line-up. The dual-circuit pneumatic braking system and the LED lights installed as standard ensure safe, high-speed road transport of up to 40 km/h.

The floor belt rises by 5 degrees which enables a transfer from the rear to the front. This guarantees optimum load distribution during spreading. Maximum drawbar load and reduced axle loads enable safe driving in the field.









Comfortable operation with Easy and ISOBUS

The right control system is available for every application with the two operating concepts Easy and Tronic. The new intuitive ISOBUS control provides all the functions of the ISOBUS world in the ZG-TX Tronic. In addition to Section Control, part-area, site-specific application and job management, the control system can be integrated in the operating system of the tractor with AUX-N. With up to 3 cameras, you have the surroundings and the machine in view at all times. The optional lighting kit is also integrated in the software in the ZG-TX. Flashing indicates the hopper fill level and permits optimum loading using the intelligent interaction with the digital fill level indicator. There is nothing left to be desired here.

Operation with the machine-specific EasySet 2 in-cab terminal, which is also used in the ZA-X, ZA-M and ZA-V mounted spreaders, guarantees ultra-easy operation with any tractor. The focus here is on the forward speed related rate regulation. A wide variety of tractors can therefore be used with ease with a minimum of demand on the tractor.








Uniform crops on the headland

In the ISOBUS-control models, HeadlandControl is responsible for perfect distribution on the headland. In combination with the electric delivery point adjustment, 16 part-width sections are switched following the parabolic shape of the spread fan. The headland is pushed further into the field, meaning that Section Control is also possible at the optimum switching points, even with a trailed spreader, without having to cross the headland tramline. The interaction between the components of the TS spreading system makes the ZG-TX a genuine precision spreader in its class.



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