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Vendro C 1340 – Efficient tedding without compromise 


Krone presents the new Vendro C 1340, a 12-rotor tedder with a working width of almost 13.4 metres. This machine combines enormous efficiency and maximum output, with high operating and driving comfort. Equipped with the OptiTurn rotor concept and 24 cm increased working width, the Vendro C 1340 impresses with its outstanding working quality. 

As standard, the Vendro C 1340 comes with a reversible drawbar and 40 mm drawbar lug for top and bottom hitching, or optionally it can be ordered with a K80 ball-head hitch or swinging drawbar. The Vendro C 1340 Plus comes as standard with a 2-point hitch and tension spring to provide load compensation ensuring safe driving in all conditions, even with small or light-weight tractors. 

OptiTurn concept meets the highest demands
Twelve rotors of 1.5 m diameter, each with six tine arms, provide a generous overlap which allows for highly efficient tedding and turning on a working width of almost 13.4 m. The OptiTurn rotor ensures the tedder remains at the optimum height even in rough ground; the rotor guide wheels run very close to the three-dimensionally curved OptiTurn tines to pick up the crop accurately minimising losses and spreading evenly. The spreading angle can be variably set in four levels in a range of 13° to 19° depending on requirements. A steep spreading angle is used for intensive conditioning or a shallow angle is effective for gentle turning.  



Comfortable operation eases the workload
The desired working height can be easily adjusted via a crank handle directly at the machine. Or the optional hydraulic adjustment allows the operator to make the adjustment from the tractor cab. This ensures that the operator can react quickly and easily to changing conditions at any time. On request, the machine can be equipped with a border swath cloth mounted on the right side in direction of travel that is folded in and out hydraulically via the operation panel.  

Folding the rotor booms in and out from transport into working position takes seconds. First, a double-acting electronic control unit moves the rotor booms to headland position. This hydraulic folding process is carried out by sequential control, avoiding improper operation and preventing the resulting damage to the machine. Then, a single-acting electronic control unit lowers the rotors to working position.  



Transport axle with double benefit
Another benefit of the Vendro C 1340 is the hydraulic relief of the transport axle, available on request or as standard on the Plus model. During work, the transport axle runs along on the ground very close to the operating range of the tines, guiding them over each ground contour. To avoid damage to the sward when navigating narrow curves, the transport axle can be relieved. This reduces the weight on the axle by means of a special hydraulic system. Ensuring the sward remains intact, and neither the contact to the ground nor the function as a front guide wheel for the tines is lost. This also guarantees high forage quality for following cuts. 

Efficient drive with low maintenance 
Krone opts for a fully mechanical drive train, comprised of the main gearbox with integrated freewheel. In combination with the drive shafts, the maintenance-free Octo-Link finger coupling and the hermetically closed rotor gearboxes, provides maximum efficiency with low fuel consumption and minimum maintenance. Thanks to the lightweight components, the machine is very easy to pull without any compromise in terms of stability or functionality.  

Conclusion: With the Vendro C 1340, Krone is extending the high-end range of its Vendro tedder series. Suitable for universal use, its enormous efficiency makes this comfortable 12-rotor rake a particularly good fit for a harvesting chain consisting of large mower combinations and rakes. The OptiTurn rotor concept allows for production of premium-quality forage even under the most challenging conditions. Furthermore, the high driving and operating comfort reduces the driver’s workload and provides the conditions for absolutely stress-free, efficient working.  



Technical data at a glance: 

  • Working width: 13.34 m 
  • Transport width / length: 2.99 /6.05 m 
  • Weight: 2,670 kg 
  • Number of rotors: 12 
  • Rotor diameter: 1.50 m 
  • Tine arms per rotor: 6 
  • Hitch: 
  • Standard equipment: Reversible drawbar with drawbar lug or two-point hitch Cat. II,  
  • Option: Ball head/swinging drawbar 
  • Rotor tyres: 16 x 6.50-8 (outer), 16 x 9.50-8 (middle) 
  • Transport tyres: 11.5/80-15.3 (standard), 15.0/55-17 (option) 
  • Hydraulic connections: 1 x single-acting, 1 x double-acting 
  • Power requirement: minimum 40 kW/ 55 HP  


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