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PJ Mulhearne BiG X 780


PJ Mulhearne BiG X 780


PJ Mulhearne is an Agricultural Contractor based in Kilmacthomas Co. Waterford. The contacting business has been running for over 20 years and specialises in silage cutting, slurry spreading, ploughing, sowing and harvesting. PJ understands the importance of having reliable machinery that is capable of efficiently getting through a demanding work load.


PJ has been operating Krone machinery for 15 years now having had 2 previous models of BiG M self-propelled mowers and currently running a BiG M 420 as his main mowing machine. PJ recently took delivery of a new BiG X 780 silage harvester.


PJ Mulhearne

Co. Waterford


Jim Power Agri Sales


The BiG X 780, a wide body harvester producing 748hp from a V8 Liebherr engine. Unique to Krone, this V8 engine is paired with 6 feed rollers to smooth out lumpy swaths and independent rear axle suspension. 

“We had received demos of the BiG X 600 and 650 down through the years, but I first saw the 780 in Germany and decided if I was going to buy a new harvester the BiG X was the machine to go for”.

PJ explains, “the following summer a demo arrived from my local Krone dealer Jim Power Agri. Sales, I was very impressed with its overall performance and we went on to do a deal and buy one”.


We are very lucky we did as the 2021 season started off very wet with exceptionally heavy crops and we were tedding grass to dry it out, but the BiG X is well able to handle the tough Irish conditions and heavy lumpy grass way better than any other machine we have had, it is just way ahead of the rest” explains PJ.

Lumps in swaths reduce the overall performance level and can cause blockages. Unique to the BiG X, the chopping drum floor and the accelerator backplate are both spring-loaded to move out of the crop flow when the volume surges temporarily. The flexible cross section helps reduce the load on the engine and the chopping assemblies, and makes for smoother running and higher outputs.



The machine is very strongly built, with very low maintenance required, we have had this machine now for 2 seasons and no money has been spent on it. The blower is good and strong, the pick-up is really good, Eimer is very happy with the comfort of the BiG X and Jim Power provides an excellent back up service. I am particularly impressed by the design of the knifes and the drum, if you were to pick up a stone it doesn’t do any damage and that’s a massive bonus for us” explains PJ.


The camless EasyFlow 300 S pick-ups have neither guide rollers nor cam tracks. Compared with conventional pick-ups, EasyFlow has up to 58% fewer moving parts, which makes it impressively smooth running, low-wear and therefore inexpensive in service and maintenance.

I would have no problem in recommending the Krone BiG X to any contractor in the market for a new harvester because we know the build quality is there, some contractors around us are running BiG X harvesters over 7 years and still have extremally low running costs and excellent reliability.


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