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Michael Leamy Q Series Loader



Michael Leamy from Co. Tipperary, a dairy and beef farmer, has a Quicke Q970 loader purchased from Tim Gleeson Machinery over 20 years ago. “This is the only loader we have on the farm and it is used for everything,” commented Michael.

“Our loader is used every day. During the first week I took it off as I didn’t think I’d need it but I had to put it back on by that evening and it’s been used every day since then,” explained Michael.

Unrivalled ability: The full range of strong, durable functions available on the Quicke loader maximises your work hours. “All feeding, bedding and cleaning out is done with this loader. We also do around 120ac pit silage and over 1,600 bales that the loader handles.


Michael Leamy

Co. Tipperary


Tim Gleeson Machinery

Co. Tipperary

“We’ve also done a good lot of reclamation work over the years. I’ve used the loader for taking out banks; taking out ditches; it has completed a lot of jobs it was never designed to do,” explained Michael.

Unbelievable service

“Seven or eight years ago, I decided to replace all the bushings and pins in the loader. When I went at it most of the pins weren’t worn at all and nearly all the bushings were still perfect in it; there were only about four that needed to be changed,” said Michael.

Commenting on the Quicke’s durability, Michael said: “It has been trouble-free and given us unbelievable service. When I bought it I never envisioned still having the same loader 20 years later, but it is as good today as the day I got it.”

Michael explained that “at the minute I’m looking to purchase a new tractor with the intention of putting a new-series Q6M loader on it”.

With the introduction of cast and forged components the potential life-span of the Quicke Q-Series is further improved.

The heavy-duty steel construction means increased strength and even less wear on bushings and pins. The unique loader arm construction with double U profiles provides you with the market’s best torsional and bending resistance. This means unrivalled arm strength and stability.

A tool for every job

“I have the Quicke stone fork here and the Quicke bucket, which is the original bucket that I bought with the loader 20 years ago. It has done a huge amount of work,” Michael said.

The Quicke loader comes standard with a lot of built-in functionality; however, if you are looking for more there are a number of options that can be fitted to improve efficiency.

One of these options is SELECTOFIX. Designed to save time and avoid trouble, Quicke SELECTOFIX allows hydraulic implements to be attached with a single lever pull, even when pressurised.

Quicke is not a brand known for standing still and is constantly improving its loader offering. The new Q series provides forward thinking and intelligent features designed to improve every aspect of their work.

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Michael Leamy Q Series Loader
Michael Leamy from Co. Tipperary, a dairy and beef farmer, has a Quicke Q970 loader purchased from Tim Gleeson Machinery over 20 years ago.
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