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Leslie Beattie ZA-TS Spreader


Leslie Beattie ZA-TS 3200 Profis Hydro

Today Leslie Beattie is working in Crowleystown Co. Meath, near Ferryhouse racecourse spreading sulphur CAN on winter wheat. Over the year “we would be spreading in excess of 300 tonne of fertiliser with the ZA-TS” Leslie explains.


Leslie Beattie

Co. Meath


Leinster Hydraulics

Co. Meath

The ZA-TS mounted spreader is available with a tank capacity ranging from 1,400 l to 4,200 l and is equipped with the new TS spreader unit. The TS spreader unit provides working widths of up to 54 m together with excellent border spread patterns, meaning that the ISOBUS spreader ZA-TS is one of the best high output spreaders.

“We’re very happy with the machine, we’ve good output and good results and it does what we want to do with it.”

“We’ve had a good few Amazone down over the years, but we just felt with the amount of money we were going to spend we should look around at other machines,” Leslie explains “but we went to a demonstration of the ZATS one day and we were very happy with the work it was doing and the way it was performing.”

“We bought it off of Neil Butterly of Leinster Hydraulics,” explains Leslie “he has serviced it a few times and just looked over it, but we have never spent anything on it other than that. No finns or anything and this is its fifth year, so we are more than happy with the output of the machine and what it’s doing for us.”


“The machine to operate – when it is set up you basically have a joystick there and you can switch on the borders, whichever one you want, you can switch it on and off and you can do a lot of things with it, its not hard to set up,” explains Leslie “you change from different brands of fertiliser and its very user friendly.”

The ZA-TS is ISOBUS ready and comes with the latest technology. It doesn’t matter whether you use an Amazone operator terminal or any ISOBUS terminal directly installed in your tractor. You just connect the machine to your ISOBUS terminal, and the normal operator interface is displayed on the monitor screen in your tractor cab.

Precise spreading made easy.

EasyCheck is a digital, mobile test kit for the easy optimisation of the lateral distribution. Instead of using the test trays expected as with the normal mobile test kits, the EasyCheck system consists of just 16 lightweight rubber mats and the EasyCheck App for smartphones.

“We have the mats,” explains Leslie, “you put them down, take your photograph of what is spread on the mats and then you input it into the machine, and she recalibrates herself and away you go. You check her then and she’s 100%.”

“She has weigh cells, the whole lot and we find her very accurate what you set her up to spread, she’ll spread.”

Weighing Technology

Online weighing technology for the ZA-V and ZA-TS mounted fertiliser spreaders and the ZG-TS trailed fertiliser spreader, enabling any deviations of the actual application rate from the target rate to be accurately identified. The weigh cells on the current spreader programme measure the weight changes 200 times per second and automatically adjust the shutter positions every 25 kg. The biggest advantage of the weighing system is that it measures in real time, and so the application rate is therefore kept at the optimum all the time, even when side, border, water course or wedge-shaped spreading.

“The thing with her is that every inch of the field is getting what you want spread on it. There’s no overlapping or waste of fertiliser, since we started using this spreader with section control there is no overlapping on the headlands, so there is no lodged corn around and that is a big advantage.”

Section Control

GPS-Switch automatic part-width section control is available for fertiliser spreaders, crop protection sprayers and seed drills for exact switching in wedge shaped fields and on headlands. In this respect, the part-width sections switch on and off automatically depending on their position.

“It does exactly what it says its supposed to do, that’s what I like about it and with how costly fertiliser is you want to be 100% happy with your spread pattern and get the use out of your fertiliser.”

Hydraulic Spreading Disc

“The hydro on that spreader is definitely a great job, it can up and down the speed of the discs and has all the tools to be accurate,” explains Leslie.

The Hydro – hydraulic spreading disc drive, makes operation possible regardless of the engine revs saving fuel and ensuring precise spreading. The independent operation of each spreading disc speed, and up to 128 part-width section control, enables the best possible distribution of fertiliser even in wedge shaped fields, overlap areas and on the headland.

User Friendly

“The wheels are very handy when you are washing your machine, you can move it around” explains Leslie, “the steps give great access into them and the cover is essential with the weather but you’re not jumping up and down off the tractor to open the cover and close the cover, it’s all user friendly.”

The Amazone ZA-TS comes with parking wheels as standard, these facilitate easy mounting and manoeuvring of the spreader around the yard. The wheels are permanently mounted on the spreader, and quickly folded out of the way once mounted on the tractor.

“We generally after every time we’ve had a few days spreading we’d wash it down and oil it and put it away. We don’t find it hard to wash, it’s very accessible in and around it and that and the whole thing is to keep them clean” Leslie explains.

“Anyone spreading a high volume of fertiliser the savings are significant in the long term with the accuracy of the machine.”

Significant Savings

“We’re very happy with the ZATS it ticks all the boxes for us” explains Leslie, “our local dealer isn’t that far away and any problems we have he sorts us out.”

“There’s good service with the machinery and that’s what its all about now!”

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Leslie Beattie ZA-TS Spreader
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