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Alan Ruttle Centaya CombiDisc


Alan Ruttle Centaya CombiDisc

Alan Ruttle, is a farmer and contractor from Rathkeale, Co. Limerick. “Ruttle Agri are at all the usual; slurry, grass, maize and wholecrop. We’re dairy farming as well, 120 cows,” Alan explains “and we also do tillage. We grow barley, wheat and oats on 4-500 acres a year, 250 acres is our own.”


Alan Ruttle

Co. Limerick


Jim Power Agri

Co. Cork

Efficient cultivation even in stony ground

The Centaya pneumatic harrow-mounted seed drill is perfect choice for precise sowing. Available in 3m or 4m working widths with a choice of hopper capacities from 1,600l or 2,000l and many different equipment options.

“We got our Amazone Centaya this time last year, this is our second spring planting with it.” Alan explains “The main reason why we went for it is we wanted something compact that could handle light, changeable soil. We used to use a power-harrow but we found it giving trouble hitting stones versus the disc rolls over it and the Centaya is compact for small fields.”

“In the really stony places we don’t plough, just give maybe two runs with the disc harrow and then in with this and it still covers the seed to perfection.”

The Centaya seed drill can be mounted on the KE rotary harrow, KG rotary cultivator or the CombiDisc compact disc harrow. These options, combined with the various models of roller available to choose from, make it possible to specify a complete drill unit suitable for any soil conditions.

Alan explains “Stones would be a big issue, we have light soil, one part of the field we could have beautiful soil and then we could meet solid limestone, we’d nearly break tillage stuff more than we would wear it out.”

“We have it on a T7.210 New Holland which handles it perfectly. I would say in our type of soil and stony conditions look at the size of the hubs and the discs, and the cultivating discs – stone is our major issue and this has strength, and space as well to let the trash through if you’re not ploughing and your just disc harrowing.”

The 24 serrated discs, each with a diameter of 410 mm, provide an intensive soil tillage. Working depths of 3 cm to 8 cm are possible with the CombiDisc. Thanks to its ease of pulling, working speeds of up to 15 km/h are possible. Especially on light soil types, the CombiDisc is an efficient and good alternative to the rotary harrow.

“It’s also good to level the ground, you can really adjust it easily and it leaves a level finish. I see the combine finds it way easier if we‘ve a lodged crop since we started setting with this.“

Calibration at the Touch of a button

“We find it very accurate,” Alan explains, “this morning I was planting 6.5 acres of beans, calibrated in the yard, went to the field and touched nothing, ended up with 3kg left over when I finished. Very accurate, couldn’t fault it.”

Convenient calibration via the SmartCenter on the left-hand side of the drill thanks to the calibration button. The digital weighing scales provided as standard enable the exact weighing of the calibrated seed. All the important settings on the seed drill are carried out from the left-hand side quickly and easily.

“When we bought our drill we bought it off of Jim Power, and this is the basic model machine, we don’t use section control we find it plenty good for what we’re doing because down to the contracting it can vary, one year you might have a lot to sow and the next year we mightn’t have so to keep the costs of things down we got a basic machine.”

“We find them a good brand, we’re on our third Amazone fertiliser spreader, and couldn’t fault Amazone they’re good strong machines.”

“Seems to be very easy to maintain, couple of grease nipples on it and daily maintenance, and we’ve nothing really changed on it in wearing parts, touch wood nothing has come out over the counter of the stores department yet and I hope it doesn’t for a long time.”

“My favourite thing about the drill is how easy it is to calibrate it, even if you wanted to put somebody up driving it you calibrate in the yard and just go away your not worried bout seed rating you can just calibrate it and let it off working,” Alan explains “I would recommend the Amazone drill, I love the plastic hopper, its simple to adjust the depth, everything is simple but effective.”

The SmartCentre offers a very simple and clear layout of all the most important adjustments on Amazone drills. The sowing depth and the coulter pressure can be centrally adjusted independently of each other from the left-hand side. The universal operating tool enables the settings to be carried out quickly and easily.

“We are just over the 12 month mark with the drill and very happy with it so far. “

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Alan Ruttle Centaya CombiDisc
“In the really stony places we don’t plough, just give maybe two runs with the disc harrow and then in with this and it still covers the seed to perfection.”
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