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TAMS3 and APV – Give Your Grass the Needed TLC


TAMS3 and APV- Give Your Grass the Needed TLC

TAMS provides funding for capital investors on farms and will be in place for the next 5 years with a budget of €370 million with Tranche 1 opening from the 22nd February.

New for 2023 TAMS recognises the importance for framer’s to grow high quality grass with APV Grass Harrows, Seed Broadcasters and Pneumatic Seeders now TAMS 3 applicable and eligible for a 60% grant. For the full list of Tams 3 eligible machinery click on the following link : GOV.IE/TAMS3

  • APV Grass harrows are available in working widths from 3-6m and with 2 sections of strong 8mm and 12mm cranked tines for removing dead grass, thatch and moss from grassland to open and aerate the soil and create space for new seed establishment. All grass harrows can be fitted with an APV seed broadcaster or pneumatic seeeder for stitching in grass seed for the rejuvenation of paddocks and fields and drilling of cover crops /fodder. The grass harrow combines up to four working steps at once by raking, levelling, seeding and re-tilling the soil for the most optimum results. The harrow is very easy adjust to suit your working conditions and requires a very low HP tractor to operate.


APV GS 600 + mounted PS200 Pneumatic Seeder

  • APV’s Broadcaster KS/ES range is very versatile and can be used for wide range of applications with a plastic hopper and tank capacity of up to 105L litres and a working width of 2m – 24m. The KS/ ES is very simple to calibrate and easy to control the working width and seed rate from the cab. The ideal seeder for tilling and seeding in one single pass.




  • APV’s Pneumatic Seeders MDP/PS are universal on a wide variety of machines. application is possible like tilling the soil and seeding. The seeds are conveyed by air support through plastic hoses to the dispersion plates 6-8 outlets and then evenly distributed close to the soil. This enables precise seeding and excellent strike rates. On the controller settings and controls are possible while driving at any time. The APV PS series hopper sizes start from 100,120, 200, 300, 500, and hydraulic or electric fan.



For more information on the full range of APV Products click the link below:

APV Grass Management  



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