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Silage Implements

Versatile, wear-resistant, productivity-boosting – just some of the advantages of our complete range of silage grips. Just like all our other implements, the grips are developed in close cooperation with Irish farmers which ensures durable, well designed silage implements.

Implements have a choice of hooks for use with most brands of loaders

Different implements in size and application to satisfy all requirements

Highest quality steel, bearing, rams etc used throughout

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Maxi Grapple™

ikon-selectofixThe bucket is based on the powerful, reinforced HD bucket. The grapplearm is installed on the rear of the bucket, which also contributes to the implement’s strength. The movable, profile-pressed upper section is supplied with strong bearings, three-layer bushings and large pivot pins with stable locking. The section with the powerful Hardox teeth is bolted in place. Stress and torsion forces are thereby transmitted to the entire construction. The teeth (version T) are simply bolted in place with a bolt in the bucket bottom. The protective mesh means that loose material does not drop down onto the tractor (optional extra).

Maxi Grapple is used particularly in the USA and Canada for handling round bales (large opening of 2 m), loose hay, twigs and branches, loose silage, manure and for general bucket work. Teeth, protective mesh and grapple arm can easily be removed when only the bucket is to be used.

Maxi Grapple210210 T240
Weight605 kg620 kg640 kg
Width210 cm210 cm240 cm
Depth81 cm81 cm86 cm
Teeth24 cm


ikon-selectofixYour needs, our inspiration. Powergrab is a very powerful implement with improved cutting quality, higher strength and still very high working speed. When filling silage into the bucket, the bucket tip is pushed into the silage at a 45° angle which ensures maximum cutting force. The strong upper arm is powered down through the silage and into the conically shaped bucket. The sharp teeth allow for a clean cut which ensures silage quality.

Powergrab has a unique conical shape, this makes it easier to empty the material from the bucket. The cutting teeth are designed in such a way, so that it is possible to pick up silage right against the silage wall. Thanks to its incredible strength and the improved angle on the upper arm in its open position, Powergrab can also be used for many other demanding fork and bucket tasks.

Weight540 kg650 kg690 kg780 kg
Width185 cm210 cm240 cm260 cm
Volume1,0 m³1.15 m³1.30 m³1.40 m³
Depth82 cm82 cm82 cm82 cm



Need to fill your diet feeder? Multibenne is the perfect implement for you!

The Multibenne is perfectly suited for handling silage. The side ends are tapered so that they can be inserted into the silage easily. When the implement is tipped backwards, the high back works well so that loose material is not lost. A relatively short base makes it easier to fill the entire bucket, all the way to the back. The centre of gravity thereby moves closer to the tractor, and when unloading into high-sided vehicles, the bucket tip does not protrude as far into the vehicle. The closed bottom and the close tine location results in reduced spillage. With the closed bucket bottom, you can always completely gather up the material.

Multibenne, which is designed according to the same principles as Silograb, can handle many different types of fodder, as well as manure. It is a multi-purpose implement for the farmer looking to maximise efficiency in feed/ silage handling.

Width (cm)130150170190210230250
Depth (cm)80808080808080
Number of Tines78910111213
Weight (kg)280304360386423447447
Capacity (m³)0.660.760.860.961.071.171.27

Silocut® SG


The new Silocut features welded tine sleeves, bolt on knifes, conus 3 tines and upgrades that improve serviceability. Unlike competitors, Silocut knives bolt on and can be purchased as a spare part to ensure they are always kept sharp.

Thanks to the hardened cutting knifes on the front edge and sides of the Silocut, it leaves a clean cut surface in the silage. Angled side knives cut against the side plates to ensure the material is cut towards the rear of the Silocut, preventing tearing and create a clean side cut. By having a clean cut, it prevents air getting in and generating heat which is critical for feed quality while consuming less silage by reducing waste. Manageable cut blocks can be transported in compressed form, reducing handling time.

Silocut 175 SG, is a new model at 1.75 m width with 2 cylinders and weighing 524 kg, light enough for users wanting more volume in the 60-100 hp range of tractor. This fits in a new width range of 1.25 m – 2.25 m, with 25 cm increments between each model. Larger 3 cylinder models at 2 m and 2.25 m have hooks are available for BM / JCB wheel loaders as well as Front Loaders.

SILOCUT125 SG150 SG175 SG200 SG225 SG
Weight436 kg478 kg524 kg669 kg710 kg
Max block volume0.8 m³0.95 m³1.1 m³1.25 m³1.4 m³
Max pressure210 BAR210 BAR210 BAR250 BAR250 BAR
Max opening77 cm77 cm77 cm77 cm77 cm
No. of cylinders22233
Cylinder sizes90/40100/50100/50100/50 (x2)
90/40 (x1)
Working width125 cm150 cm175 cm200 cm225 cm
Total width135 cm160 cm185 cm210 cm235 cm


Silograb is an extremely versatile implement. The close spacing of the tines practically eliminates the spilling of silage. The tines are mounted in a box section with welded sleeves. The tines make a circular motion through the material, which produces the cleanest cut, the least power requirement and the longest service life for the tines. In addition, the material is pressed against the back of the implement when the tines are lowered, keeping the silage in place even when driving over uneven terrain.

All models have two hydraulic cylinders. On the larger models the cylinders are 15% larger than on the smaller models. Models 210 to 250 have strengthened supports in the upper part.

Weight250 kg270 kg300 kg320 kg355 kg377 kg405 kg
Width130 cm150 cm170 cm190 cm210 cm230 cm250 cm
Volume0.69 m³0.79 m³0.90 m³1.01 m³1.11 m³1.22 m³1.33 m³
Depth85 cm85 cm85 cm85 cm85 cm85 cm85 cm
Number of tines in the fork7+78+89+910+1011+1112+1213+13

Your choice of implement hooks

Quicke does not only give you the largest range of implements. Our implements also have a choice of hooks for use with most brands of loaders.

Implement hooks suitable for Quicke series Q, Trima with
W-frame and other loader brands with Euro implement carriers.
Suitable for Quicke Combi mount, Trima/Bergsjö with SMS- mount, Kellve/Vreten/Howard and any loader with SMS implement carrier.
C: ÅLö TypE 3
Suitable for wholly hydraulic loaders previous to Quicke Series Q. Some implements will also fit loaders with the large and the
small implement carrier from BM.

ikon-selectofix SELECTO FIX*

Save time and avoid problems.

Selecto Fix is a very good aid if the front loader has an additional third or a fourth function. With a simple movement, the implement hydraulics is coupled, easily and without any problems, even when the system is pressurized. Your work is resumed within seconds. The flat face blocks are easy to clean, reducing the risk of dirt finding its way into the tractor’s hydraulic system.


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