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Silage Implements

Versatile, wear-resistant, productivity-boosting – just some of the advantages of our complete range of silage grips. Just like all our other implements, the grips are developed in close cooperation with Irish farmers which ensures durable, well designed silage implements.

Implements have a choice of hooks for use with most brands of loaders

Different implements in size and application to satisfy all requirements

Highest quality steel, bearing, rams etc used throughout

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Silograb XL

Forged tines are added to the implement using a welded bush, and are kept tight with a nut that locks the tine into position, so there is no movement. The XL is aimed for machines with capacities of between 2-3.5 tons. Hooks on the XL are bolted to improve hook flexibility from manufacture that is passed right down to the customer to offer the opportunity to be able to change hooks easily without cutting and welding.

Silograb XL13,2014,2115,2317,23
Width, cm200213230244
Depth, cm102102102102
Mouth Opening, cm151151151151
No. Grab Tines5667
Volume, m³1,31,41,51,7
Weight, kg540570600630

Silograb HXL

The HXL has hardened cut profiles that are welded into the implement. The HXL is aimed for machines with capacities of between 2-3.5 tons. Hooks on the HXL are bolted to improve hook flexibility from manufacture that is passed right down to the customer to offer the opportunity to be able to change hooks easily without cutting and welding.

Silograb HXL13,2014,2115,2317,24
Width, cm200213230244
Depth, cm97979797
Mouth Opening, cm154154154154
No. Grab Tines5667
Volume, m³1,31,41,51,7
Weight, kg570610640670

Silograb HDX

Silograb HDX is fitted with hardened profiled tines on both sections of the implement, for users with a lift capacity of over 3 tons. The profiled tines are made from hardened 500HB steel that is better to resistance compared to forged tines. The cutting radius of the upper tines is optimized with the profiled tines to ensure a perfectly rounded cut using the maximum capacity of the implement and completely filling the implement. Larger models are fitted with cushioning cylinders to protect the cylinders and reduce wear. There are mechanical stops mounted on the implement that also protect the cylinder.

Silograb HDX23,2024,2126,2327,24
Width, cm200213230244
Depth, cm150150150150
Mouth Opening, cm190190190190
No. Grab Tines88910
Volume, m³2,32,42,62,7
Weight, kg820870910960

Multibenne XL

Multibenne XL is a high volume implement suited to customers who wish to fill the operating potential of their machines with up to 4ton capacity. The Multibenne XL is a perfect all-rounder implement that is flexible with bolt on side plates that can be removed depending on the season or use of the machine in different environments. The bucket part of the implement is perfect for handling loose feed as this is completely closed off so that material is gathered up.

The high tensile strength profiled tines are mounted high so that bulk material is handled with ease, the top frame is made with profiles that increase visibility whilst the grab is open. The clean shell of the bucket means that material cannot get stuck or lodged in corners, minimizing contamination between feeds and reducing waste. All models benefit from a conical bucket bottom for fast emptying.

Multibenne XL15,2316,2422,2323,24
Width, cm230230244244
Depth, cm101101135135
Height, cm78789595
Volume, m³1,51,62,22,3
Weight, kg78081010001065


The Silopush is available in two variants, Forged tine and Profiled tine version in three different sizes. The standard version is fitted with Forged tines at a protruding length of 1.27 m, the tines are locked by nuts and include two side tines on each side. The standard version is partly flexible due to the Bolt-On Hooks option for alternative hook types, the 3 point linkage is welded. The HX version is fitted with Hardened profiled tines that are highly resistant to wear and are profiled with extra material in areas prone to high wear. This model is offered to customers who have requirements for high usage during busy seasons. The tine length protruding is 1.38 m and is 50 mm thick. 3 point linkage and Big BM are available as a welded attachment.

Silopush245245 HX
Width, cm244244
Tine Length, cm127137
No. of Tines, cm1510
Total height, cm143163
Total Depth, cm155179
Volume, m³3,54,5
Weight, kg9801220

Folding Fork

Folding Forks have folding sides that fold down to increase the working width from 3 metres to two different widths, 4.3 m and 4.9 m. The closed width is less than 3 metres to make the implement road legal for travel between sites. The sides fold down hydraulically and have built in protection using an accumulator to protect against excessive pressure while being used. Hooks are welded and available as Large BM and other hooks that are compatible with the lifting forces required.

Folding Fork430490
Width Closed, cm297297
Width Open, cm427488
Height, cm153153
Tine Length, cm165165
No. Tines1618
Volume, m³8,09,3
Weight, kg16501780

Silocut® SG

ikon-selectofixSilocut SG features welded tine sleeves, bolt on knives, Conus 3 tines and other features that improves serviceability. Thanks to the hardened cutting knives on the front edge and sides of the Silocut, it leaves a clean cut surface in the silage. Angled side knives cut against the side plates to ensure the material is cut towards the rear of the Silocut, preventing tearing and create a clean side cut. By having a clean cut, it prevents the admission of air and generation of heat, critical for feed quality, while consuming less silage by reducing waste. Manageable cut blocks can be transported in compressed form, reducing handling time.

Working width, cm220225
Max opening, cm7777
Max. block volume, m31,251,4
Max. pressure, Bar250250
Total width, cm210235
No. of cylinders33
Cylinder size100/50 (x2)
90/40 (x1)
Weight, kg669710

Silocut SK

The Silocut SK is designed to be used with Telehandlers and wheeled loaders with a minimum lift capacity of 4.0 tonnes.

With the capacity of 2.2 & 2.5m3 and a width of 2.20 & 2.50 meters this is ideal for users wanting to handle large amounts of silage.

With a large capacity, the number of cuts and journey times can be reduced and improving silage quality and improving handling efficiency.

Width, cm220225
Height, cm110110
Depth, cm103103
Mouth Opening, cm115115
No. Tines1517
Volume, m³2,22,5
Weight, kg13201390

Your choice of Attachment Hooks

Beside our large Original Implement sortiment we also offer you a big selection of Attachment Systems for different Tool Carriers for Front loaders. Telehandlers and Wheeled loaders.

ikon-selectofix SELECTO FIX*

Save time and avoid problems.

Selecto Fix is a very good aid if the front loader has an additional third or a fourth function. With a simple movement, the implement hydraulics is coupled, easily and without any problems, even when the system is pressurized. Your work is resumed within seconds. The flat face blocks are easy to clean, reducing the risk of dirt finding its way into the tractor’s hydraulic system.


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