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Lifting Implements

Bag lifters, pallet forks, pallet fork carriers – with our lifting implements you’re assured the best possible durability, user benefits and productivity.

Implements have a choice of hooks for use with most brands of loaders

Different implements in size and application to satisfy all requirements

Highest quality steel, bearing, rams etc used throughout

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Bag Lifter

A complete range of bag lifters is offered for 1 ton per bag in 1 bag, 2 bags and 4 bags variants. Hooks are welded. All Bag Lifters are individually tested after manufacture according the relevant standard.

Bag LifterBL1000BL1200BL1400
Bags1 x 10002 x 10004 x 1000
Tube Lengths, cm8080150
Weight, kg140185260

Pallet Fork Carrier

Pallet Fork Carriers work by removing the pallet forks off the machine’s tool carrier and fitting them to the Pallet Fork Carrier. When working between pallet forks and other implements this reduces time to change between implements as the pallet forks are locked into the Pallet Fork Carrier and can be attached via the hooks. The Carrier still has the advantage of floating within prior limits. On JCB types a retainer is fitted to hook back pallet forks over the carriage whilst traveling on a road. There are 3 variants for JCB depending on the Pallet Fork slide bar and one for Merlo.

Pallet Fork CarrierJCB 350 JCB 400JCB 500MERLO
Capacity, kg3500400050004000
Bar Diameter, cm505757N/A
Weight, kg15015015595

Pallet Forks

Pallet Forks are offered in 7 different capacities 1-6 tonnes that are aimed to cover the complete range of requirements. The standard of the Pallet Fork is ITA Class 2, 3 or 4 depending on the pallet fork capacity. There are several horizontal locking points for the forks at 110 mm intervals (depending on size) using a levered pin to latch the pallet fork into place.

Pallet Forks1000KG 1600KG2000KG2500KG3400KG 4200KG6000KG
Maximum Capacity,kg1000160020002500340042006000
Fork Height,cm91916191777796
Length of Fork, cm97122122122122122122

Your choice of Attachment Hooks

Beside our large Original Implement sortiment we also offer you a big selection of Attachment Systems for different Tool Carriers for Front loaders. Telehandlers and Wheeled loaders.

ikon-selectofix SELECTO FIX*

Save time and avoid problems.

Selecto Fix is a very good aid if the front loader has an additional third or a fourth function. With a simple movement, the implement hydraulics is coupled, easily and without any problems, even when the system is pressurized. Your work is resumed within seconds. The flat face blocks are easy to clean, reducing the risk of dirt finding its way into the tractor’s hydraulic system.


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