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Quicke XL Implements for high volume, heavy duty work


Quicke, the world leaders in front end loaders have re- launched a range of super heavy duty implements that they call ‘Quicke XL’ intended for telehandler and wheel loader use. “The standard loader implements have gained a significant following in Ireland thanks to their heavy build and quality finish” said Marketing Director for Farmhand, Stephen Scrivener “ We were delighted to see them move into the ‘XL’ implement range as we believe there is a gap for a for a high quality implement line, built to last under the most demanding conditions” claimed Stephen.

The XL range was first introduced to Ireland in 2018 and can be seen on the front of many telehandlers today. “When people see the XL implements, their first reaction is WOW, these things are built heavier than anything out there” said territory sales manager Colin Gillespie.

The Quicke XL implement range is not just a supersized version of the standard Quicke implements, they are built with a much heavier build so they can last the pace associated with modern heavy plant machinery and high output hydraulics.

At a glance, the Multibenne XL, pictured left, is the perfect all-round implement maximised for users to fulfil the operating potential of their machines. There are 4 buckets ranges available in XL, all engineered to crowd back to ‘water level’ allowing the user to fill to maximum capacity and for moving pallets, bags or bulky materials the Pallet Fork XL is available in 3.5, 5 and 8 tonne capacity (to compliment the new XL pallet forks there is also a range of pallet fork extensions available in 3.5, 5 and 8 ton).


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