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Cayena Large area seed drill

High speed pneumatic seed drills

Designed for very rapid sowing after minimal cultivation or straight into stubble

6m working width with 36 TineTeC coulters (16.6cm spacing)

large 4000l pressurised tank, split 60:40 seed:fertilizer, each section with its own full electric metering drive.

Specially designed for hard, stony soil conditions

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The new modern Cayena tine seeder is designed for rapid sowing, with or without prior soil tillage.

  • The new modern Cayena tine sowing machine is designed for fast sowing operation with or without preceding soil tillage.
  • With 6 metre working width the Cayena provides a huge output
  • Its strength shows through, especially on hard and stony soils, and in dry regions where normal coulters fail. No matter whether for coarse, medium or fine seeds, for mulch sowing, for sowing in ploughed ground or into stubbles
  • With operational speeds of up to 15 km/h and a 3,600 litre seed tank, the Cayena offers huge potential for maximum daily outputs

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