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Amazone Avant Drill with front tank

Pneumatic seed drills

Very well balanced for minimal compaction, very easy handling

available in working widths of 3 m, 3.5 m and 4m

Follows the contours of your fields really well and leaves a nice, smooth finish

a tried and tested drill for heavier soil in Irish conditions - you can sow on all but the worst weather days!

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The Avant front tank sowing combination with working widths of 4, 5 and 6 m is the ideal machine for contractors and large farms in heavier soil conditions requiring powered cultivation.

  • The front seed tank with its capacity of 1500 litres (option 2000 litres) is offered with a front mounting frame or a steering front tyre packer (recommended)
  • Rear KG harrow suitable for tractors up to 360hp
  • For transport on public road the rear combination is hydraulically folded to a transport width of 3 m.
  • The front mounted seed hopper has been designed to be low and wide so as not to obstruct the driver’s view. Visibility to the rear allows an uncluttered view of operation and the performance is easily monitored without the obstruction of a seed hopper
  • The Avant is equipped with RoTeC+  disc coulters which feature a larger diameter and which are made from hardened boron steel making the machine suitable for the operation in most difficult conditions

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