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Q Series Front Loader

For the professional user, the Q-series front loader is constructed for modern farming. A digital integrated front loader that maximizes your tractor’s potential.


The Advantages of a QUICKE Loader

Quicke Q-series shows how clever engineering makes all the difference. These front loaders come with outstanding visibility, optimized work angles, and smooth and easy implement changes. Back all that up with the intelligence of Q-companion, and you just won’t find a more high-functioning, usable front loader.

Exact Control

Our centrally-placed valve has many advantages. It gives the loader exact control and optimal force for heavy-duty tasks. The location of the valve gives optimal vision for the driver and offers outstanding durability, as all the components are being protected by a durable polymer cover.

Safe Connections

Our well proven connect and disconnect system Lock & Go® will save you time without having to compromise on safety. There are no loose parts and no tools are required. You simply connect and disconnect the loader with minimum possible effort.

Implament Angle Indicator

The compact implement angle indicator is easily adjusted for different implements and offer settings for 3 different implements at the same time. Use it for easy implement angle reference relative to the ground.

Efficient Responce

The hydraulic system has been substantially improved and boasts around half of the pressure drop compared to our previous loader range. The result is quick and excellent response, less heat buildup and a small, but still, saving on fuel. It also allows for a class-leading SoftDrive load dampening.


With our unique driver support system you will get full control of your daily business. The system consists of a load weighing function that weighs your load while lifting, a status monitor which gives you full control over your implement position and load, and maintenance reminders that will help you to take care of your loader to increase its service life span.


The fastest and easiest way to connect all hydraulics to the loader. A good aid with which you can connect all hydraulic connections to the loader with a simple hand grip.

The QUICKE Q Series Loader Range

The unrivalled arm strength and stability of the Q-series means you get the confidence of a tough, durable loader that will see you through many seasons of hard work. With Q-companion, the Q-series offers simply the best, most capable, most efficient tools on the market.


For 60 - 100 HP Tractors

Maximum Lift Height (Measured at Pivot Pin) – 3.55m
Lift Capacity to Maximum Height – 1250kg
Lift Capacity, 1,5m Height – 1650kg
Front Loader Weight – 450kg


For 80- 140 HP Tractors

Maximum Lift Height (Measured at Pivot Pin) – 3.79m
Lift Capacity to Maximum Height – 1290kg
Lift Capacity, 1,5m Height – 1720kg
Front Loader Weight – 515kg


For 100 - 180 HP Tractors

Maximum Lift Height (Measured at Pivot Pin) – 4.06m
Lift Capacity to Maximum Height – 1300kg
Lift Capacity, 1,5m Height – 1870kg
Front Loader Weight – 560kg


For 120 - 220 HP Tractors

Maximum Lift Height (Measured at Pivot Pin) – 4.25m
Lift Capacity to Maximum Height – 1590kg
Lift Capacity, 1,5m Height – 2110kg
Front Loader Weight – 630kg


For 140 - 280 HP Tractors

Maximum Lift Height (Measured at Pivot Pin) – 4.60m
Lift Capacity to Maximum Height – 2490kg
Lift Capacity, 1,5m Height – 2810kg
Front Loader Weight – 760kg


For 160 HP + Tractors

Maximum Lift Height (Measured at Pivot Pin) – 4.96m
Lift Capacity to Maximum Height – 2590kg
Lift Capacity, 1,5m Height – 2810kg
Front Loader Weight – 830kg

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