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Krone square balers are internationally recognized for innovations, such as the Variable Fill System (VFS), the unique MultiBale model and the camless EasyFlow pick-up are some reasons for the success of the Krone BiG Pack. It is a fact: Krone makes the best bales.


The Advantages of a KRONE Square Baler?

Nothing is left behind

Working at a width of 1.95 or 2.35m and kitted out with five rows of tines spaced 55 mm apart, the camless EasyFlow Pick-up does a clean job every time. The combination of the powered feed roller and the side-mounted augers tick all the boxes in dry, brittle material, delivering massively increased throughputs.

VariCut (VC) or XCut (XC) cutting systems

With a full set of blades you can achieve nominal chop lengths of 44 mm and 88 mm with half the number of blades in action. The feed tines are arranged chevron-style and are plated with wide Hardox steel, reducing power input and delivering the finest cuts, high throughputs and maximum longevity. 

Variable Filling System

In the VFS system, the packer, in combination with a feeder bar guides the material into the feed chamber where it is collected and pre-compressed. Once the feed chamber is filled to capacity, the feeder bar pushes the crop into the bale chamber. The VFS Variable Filling System from Krone delivers rock-hard bales that keep their shape even in thin swaths and at slow forward speeds.

The two-speed baling chamber

With a Krone BiG Pack you’re geared up for any situation. In big swaths, you can operate your BiG Pack baler at full power with 1,000 rpm and 45 strokes per minute, Whereas in lighter crops you can reduce the pto speed to 800 rpm for 36 strokes and rock-solid bales plus higher fuel economy.  

Knotting System

The Krone knotting system delivers a high-density and firm bale every single time. The double knotter technology on the BiG Pack is fitted as standard on all chambers measuring more than 70cm in height, where it ties even high-density bales and crops that are prone to expanding into packs that hold. 


Up to nine single bales are packed in one big bale: The award-winning Krone MultiBale system makes bales much easier to handle. The small bales can be between 0.30 and 1.35 m in length. Naturally, you can also produce conventional big bales with lengths of up to 2.7m.

The KRONE Square Baler Range

Krone offers a choice of 22 square baler models.

BiG Pack Generation 5

Even after more than 25 years of big baler production in Spelle, there is no sign of any let-up in the sheer innovative strength of the Krone engineering team, as is evident from the new series of BiG Pack balers. Almost all of the existing features have been upgraded and adapted to user requirements in the new generation of BiG PACK balers. 


With a Krone BiG Pack, whether you are making heavier, rock-hard bales with the BiG Pack HDP II or tying up to nine small bales neatly into one big bale with the MultiBale system, you’ll always be ahead of the field, using first-time innovations such as; X-Cut and VariCut cutting systems and PreChop for short cutting lengths and VFS along with electronic baling pressure control for even bale densities available in chamber sizes from 0.8m x 0.7m to 1.2m x 1.3m.


Running behind the baler, the Krone BaleCollect collects up to three square bales from a 120 cm wide chamber or up to five bales from an 80 cm chamber. And has a choice of unloading modes to prepare the bales for the next steps in the field, significantly shortening post-baling loading times, reducing journeys and minimizing soil compaction.


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