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BiG X Forage Harvesters

 The Krone range of precision-chop foragers. Innovative technology that guarantees your success for large-scale productivity.


The Advantages of a KRONE BiG X

BiG X VariStream

Unique to Krone, the chopping drum floor and cutter head is spring loaded. This delivers blockage-free, smooth operation even in the heaviest Irish crops. The clearance between the chopping drum floor and the blades is always constant. Any movement of the spring-loaded chopping drum floor to compensate for an uneven crop flow will not a ect the quality of chop. VariStream is standard on all Big X.

BiG X Stream Control (2)

The operator can adjust the blow from the cab quickly and easily by adjusting a hinged flap in the backplate of the crop accelerator. For a short blow, the flap is tilted out of the crop flow, so there is less contact between the crop and the accelerator and vice versa for a stronger blow.

BiG X Six Feed Rollers
Six Feed Rollers

Six pre-compression rollers apply a huge 4.5 tonnes of pressure to the crop. This ensures smooth running as the crop is delivered to the drum without lumps. Another advantage of this is the 820 mm gap between the leading roller with metal/ rock detector and the rearmost roller. This gives the system a chance to detect foreign objects before they get to the drum.

BiG X Foot Button (1)
Foot Operated Button

A multifunction button that can be specified on the steering column. This button can be used to mimic any of the set functions on the joystick. Have a function you use all the time? You can activate it with a simple tap of your foot!

BiG X Running Gear
Running Gear

The four-wheel drive Bosch Rexroth wheel motors provide a stepless speed range of 0-25 km/h in the field and 0-40 km/h on the road. The steered axle on the BiG X comes with spring suspension as standard to ensure maximum operator comfort and an unbeatable turning circle.

Silent Space Cab
Silent Space Cab

Both narrow and wide body Big X have the same new SilentSpace cab. Wider, quieter and brighter: the spacious cab with its narrow posts gives the operator the best possible view of wide headers. The double floor keeps noise in the cab to a minimum. Sixteen H9 lights provide perfect illumination, with LED lights available as an option

The KRONE BiG X Range


480 / 530 / 580 / 630

The Krone BiG X 480/530/580/630 series provides the best of both worlds – tried and tested technology and innovative new features. From 490-653 hp continuous engine output with all the advantages of a state of the art harvester in a machine only 3m wide for easy travel on roads and narrow lanes. 


680 / 780 / 880 / 980 / 1080 / 1180

The widebody forage harvesters from Krone offer outputs of 687hp to 1156hp. They not only impress by their high efficiency and chop quality but also by high operator comfort and easy handling with a height adjustable comfort cab and enormous agility thanks to independent wheel suspension. 

KRONE EasyFlow 300 S


Depending on the swath width and your working speed, you can vary the EasyFlow rpm from the cab or have it adjusted automatically to the current forward speed. Another feature with the operator in mind is that reversing automatically raises the auger and crop press roller. This gives easy access for removing any foreign objects that might set off the metal/ rock detectors. When you are ready to go again, the roller and auger automatically return to working position. The EasyFlow is constructed using a tubular frame which adds to its flotation as well as making it easy to attach and remove.

KRONE EasyCollect


The EasyCollect header is available in work widths ranging from 4.5m (6 row) to the range topping 9.0m (12m) in bi and tri-fold versions. The rotating collectors feed the stalks into the middle where they are rotated 90 degrees and pulled lengthwise into the machine. This translates into unsurpassed chop quality which dairy farmers love. The EasyCollect is also a specialist in lodged maize. The design of the head allows it to clean up downed maize with ease when other headers will not work. The hydraulic drive shaft automatically adjusts the length of the chop in line with crop maturity which is detected by the Krone AutoScan sensor

KRONE XDisc 620


Krone XDisc is a versatile direct cut header that cuts whole crop silage cleanly and without losses. The powerful and massive 900 mm diameter feed auger on the XDisc 620 works trouble-free even in dense and tall crops. Like all the Krone mowers, it features the patented SafeCut system. If you hit a foreign object that sets off the system, you just need to replace a roll pin and you can continue working.

KRONE EasyCollect FP


EasyCollect FP headers are the innovative variable- row maize headers from Krone for third-party forager brands. Featuring the unique collector technology, these headers feed the stalks lengthwise into the harvester for a superior quality of chop at low costs.

KRONE Customer Testimonials

Have a look at what other Krone users think of their BiG X and how it has benefitted them.


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