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Krone round balers offer fixed and variable baling chambers as well as baler wrapper combinations. Everybody knows Krone makes the best bales.


The Advantages of a KRONE Round Baler?

Chain-and-slat Elevator

The concept of the chain-and-slat elevator has proven extremely well in silage, hay and straw harvesting around the world. The endless chain-and-slat elevator forms bales of extremely high densities, exerting a firm grip on the bale and ensuring a constant roll – even in short and dry material.  Another advantage is reduced fragmentation and low power input requirements.


Up to 17 blades in the Krone MultiCut rotor cutting system deliver short chops that make for quick payback on your investment thanks to higher bale densities, enhanced silage quality as well as easier and faster bale break-up on the feeding floor. Short straw chops absorb liquids more readily, spread more easily.

EasyFlow Pick-Up

The wide EasyFlow pick-up makes sure no grass is left on the ground even in difficult conditions and when working at high speeds. Thanks to its cam-less, clutter-free build that relies on very few moving parts, the unit stands out for minimum wear and maximum longevity.

Belt Systems

For the Krone balers that use a belt system the chamber is made up of four endless belts made from rubber with two embedded fabric layers, these belts offer maximum flexibility and strength for maximum lifetime. The grippy material combines with the special surface design of the belts for excellent belt-crop contact and no slip for reliable machine performance.

Easy Maintenance

Simple machine design where all service and maintenance points are readily accessible. All grease points are grouped and the chains are automatically lubricated – details that reduce the time spent servicing and increase your productivity

Choice of Running Gear

Most Krone balers come with the option of standard and tandem setups, braked and unbraked versions as well as air and hydraulic brakes. The larger balers also come with a choice of hitch system and tyre sizes meaning that the there is a Krone baler to suit everyone regardless of application or working conditions.

The KRONE Round Baler Range

Krone offers a choice of 30 different round baler models, so there is sure to be a model to suit all requirements. 


Net and/or twine wrapping

A versatile machine for all types of crop this fixed chamber baler has a simple, low maintenance design producing consistent 1.2m bales from a 1.4m pick-up working width. The Bellima offers the option of net or twine wrapping and a chain-and-slat elevator for high density bales with a low power input requirement. 


Fixed and variable chamber models

The Fortima comes in four models providing a choice of a fixed chamber for bales of 1.25m or 1.55m or a variable chamber for bales from 1m to 1.8m diameter. The round baler with cutting system and a range of unique features such as a cam-less EasyFlow pick up and two chain and- slat elevators, one operating at the front end and the other at the rear to develop high baling pressures and produce perfectly shaped bales. 


High Capacity Belt Baler

The most compact model in the range the VariPack V 165 (XC) has a specifically designed chamber that bales 0.80-1.65m diameter bales and the VariPack V 190 (XC) has a chamber capable of making 0.80m – 1.90m bales. A high capacity belt baler with integral feed rotor and rotor cutter to ensure maximum throughputs the XC cutting system provides exact, smooth cuts. Auto chain oiler and grease banks reduces maintenance time. 

VariPack Plus

High Capacity Belt Baler

The VariPack Plus combines straightforward engineering with high throughputs and densities. The VariPack range lines up two models – the compact VariPack 165 XC Plus and the large-diameter VariPack 190 XC Plus. The models have different bale chambers but are identical in all other features. The VariPack Plus bale chamber is formed of four endless belts. Made from rubber with two embedded fabric layers, these belts offer maximum flexibility and strength for maximum lifetime. 


Fixed, Semi Variable or Variable Baler

The Comprima baler is available with a choice of 3 systems; fixed chamber for ease of use producing 1.25m diameter bales. Semi-variable for maximum flexibility; these machines combine the advantages of fixed and variable bale chambers, producing 1.25m-1.50m diameter bales; operators simply set the required diameter in 5cm increments on an easy-to-use system. There is also a fully variable option for baling from 1m – 2.05m. The fully variable version is also available as a combination bale wrapper. The Comprima uses a slat and belt conveyor system, cam-less EasyFlow pick-up with w-lined tines.

Comprima Plus

Fixed, Semi-Variable or Variable Baler

The Comprima Plus offers all the advantages of the Comprima but with stronger components to combat extreme conditions. Available with a choice of semi-variable (for 1.25m-1.5m diameter bales) or fully variable (for 1m-1.5m diameter bales) bale chambers, both options are also available on the combination bale wrapper version. These compact, high capacity machines include an EasyFlow pick-up with w-lined tines for clean and effective gathering, a massive cut-and-feed rotor from Hardox steel for high throughputs and reduced wear and as standard an auto lubricator for oil and grease to reduced service and maintenance requirements.

EasyWrap 150

Mounted Bale Wrapper

The KRONE EasyWrap 150 can be mounted on the three-point linkage, front and rear. It can also attach to wheeled loaders and telescopic handlers for maximum productivity and machine utilisation. The KRONE EasyWrap 150 is the world’s fastest single-arm wrapper that operates at 36rpm.  This versatility makes the EasyWrap a true specialist machine for farmers and contractors.

EasyWrap 165T

Trailed Bale Wrapper

The KRONE EasyWrap 165 T offers convenient attachment to any tractor. Thanks to its trailed design, it handles the heaviest bales also when hitched to a tractor with lower lifting powers. Coupling the machine to the tractor’s lower links is fast and easy. Equally convenient is the drawbar which pivots hydraulically from transport into work position – conveniently triggered with a touch of a button from the cab.


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