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Krone forage wagons offer plenty of technical features that offer added value for its owner, including the cam-less EasyFlow pick-up unit, a massive cutting and feeder drum as well as a knife bank that swings out to the side and has all its knives locked in a single operation.


The Advantages of a KRONE Wagon?

Wagon Hydraulic Suspension
Hydraulic Suspension

The option for superior control even at high speeds on tight, uneven roads with shock-load cushioning running gear.

Cam-less Pickup

With fewer moving parts the cam-less pick-up provides exceptionally quiet running and reduced wear, resulting in reduced maintenance requirements and reduced service costs, while still operating at a 30% higher speed.

Wagon Steered Axel
Steered Rear Axle

A mechanical forced steering system is available as an option on the rear axle. The steering rod makes headland turns easier, reduces scuffing and tyre wear. The system is set up and controlled with the help of pressure gauges. 

Swing-out Knife Bank

The knife bank pulls out and swings alongside the wagon for ease of inspection, sharpening and changing blades. Saves time … and your fingers!

Hydraulic Moving Headboard

 A Hydraulic Moving Headboard allows you to increase wagon capacity while maintaining a compact load. Perfect for narrow roads and small fields. 

Wagon Speed Sharp

Dull blades give poor cuts. To save time Krone developed SpeedSharp, a fully automatic grinding system that is integrated in the cutting system. SpeedSharp sharpens the blades on the machine at the touch of a button, all in one pass.  

The KRONE Wagon Range



The AX self-loading forage wagon is the perfect choice for farmers looking for a balance between reliability, cost and performance.  Available in 25m³, 28m³ and 31m³ with cam-less pick up as standard and rear steering axle as an option. The AX can get into even the tightest gaps. With a choice of 0/16/32 blades and articulated drawbar for better ground clearance.



All the advantages of the AX wagon in an steel machine, available in capacities of 33m³, 37m³ and 40m³. The massive tandem-axle chassis with steered rear axle make the MX a genuine dual-purpose wagon. The machine is available with discharge rollers (GD) and without the rollers (GL). A hydraulically operated silage hatch at the top of the headboard is standard-fit for easier filling on the MX330 while the MX370 and MX400 come with the option of a hydraulic pivoting headboard.



All steel structures the two top models in the RX range of dual-purpose forage wagons benefit from wellproven features and innovative technology such as a hydraulic pivoting headboard and cut-and-feed rotors with 46 blades. The smallest wagon in the RX range offers the same features but with a hydraulic hatch headboard. All RX wagons come as standard with cam-less pick up, chain-and-slat floor, swing-out knife bank and drawbar suspension.



Offering capacities of 43 m³ to 56 m³, the ZX is the flagship wagon from Krone. Unique to Krone, all ZX wagons are driven by the Powerbelt drive concept. This means the wagon can handle loads of over 400HP which allows it to compete with even the largest self-propelled forage harvesters for output. 

TX Silage Trailer


The TX 460 and TX 560 are the specialist trailers that really boost the productivity of your harvest chain – courtesy of the extra volume that is gained from the sloping floor, the high-speed chains and the single-piece frame design that increases the payload. Thanks to many years of experience building haulage trailers Krone have developed silage trailers that are up to the demands of long draws. 


General-Purpose Wagon

KRONE GX: The all-rounder in the KRONE transport fleet hauls all kinds of crop and cargo. Farming is about logistics and flexibility is key for the success of your business. As an allround machine, the KRONE GX  general-purpose wagon ticks exactly this box. It was designed to a unique concept which allows you to haul nearly any type of agricultural cargo. The jack of all trades.

KRONE Customer Testimonials

Have a look at what other Krone users think of their wagon. 

MX370 GL Wagon

Kieran O’Sullivan, a fifth-generation dairy farmer from Goleen in west Cork, has had Krone wagons on his farm since 1980. “This is actually our fourth Krone wagon on the farm,” Kieran explains. “My father bought our first Krone wagon in 1980 and even back then we found the Krone to be a very reliable machine and well-built for our conditions, so that’s why we have stuck with them all along.”

Kieran O’Sullivan, Co. Cork

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