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Seeding and Spreading

Whether conventional or organic farming all farmers agree using catch crops promote soil health. The right choice of plant species can break up compaction and provide the soil with nitrogen. This increases soil fertility enormously. Instead of an extra job for the drill, sow catch crops with APV spreaders or Pneumatic Seeders.


The Key Features of APV Seeding and Spreading

Professional seeding with APV products

Plastic hoppers
Plastic Hoppers

On the single-disc spreaders the plastic hopper ensures the low weight of the entire spreader. It contains the spreading material which securely reaches the metering shutter through an agitator.

Spread rate control
Simple Spread Rate Control

You can control the spread rate with the stepless metering shutter. The spreading material falls on the spreading disc and is distributed equally across the working width. The speed of the spreading disc and thus the working width are easy to set from the driver’s seat via the control box.

Versatile Options
Versatile Options

Mounting options on almost any soil tillage implement, seed drill and crop care implement – regardless of the manufacturer. Versatile combination options for the hopper volumes, seeding shafts, fan types, technical equipment and extension possibilities for the outlets (up to 32 outlets). Fertiliser can also be spread with the pneumatical seeders fertiliser edition.

Multi-Metering Systems (better quality)
Multi-Metering Systems

The metering unit from a Pneumatic Seeder is combined with different spreading methods. This “two in one” principle combines excellent product features to make one exceptional seeder or spreader. This results in different types of Multi-Metering Systems – versatile products for diverse farming applications!

Implement Carrier
Implement Carrier

The APV Implement Carrier allows a flexible use of the Pneumatic Seeders in combination with a variety of trailed tillage implements. On the tillage implement itself, only the hoses and the dispersion plates have to be mounted so within a very short time the implements can be driven solo. The APV Implement Carrier is carried at the three-point of the tractor, sothe weight of the Pneumatic Seeder is not on the implement itself, this weight relief on the machine optimizes all axle loads and weights.

Easy handling 2
Easy Handling

APV Seeders are very easy at the handling. The calibration test works nearly automatically over the control box. Also the change of the seeding shafts is done in a few minutes.

The APV Seeding and Spreading Range

Precise metering with best lateral distribution is the basis for successful seeding.

KS 40 M2

Disc Spreader for small working widths

The compact Mini Spreader KS 40 M2 is versatile in use thanks to its low weight. The seed hopper has a volume of 40 l for the output of low quantities of spreading material. Use the KS for the output of small seeds, such as seeding a lawn, cultivating catch crops (e.g. mustard) or for spreading slug pellets.

ES 100 M1 Classic

Practical Universal Spreader

The Single Disc Spreader ES 100 M1 Classic is ideal for the output of catch crops (e.g.: mustard), grass seeds, nurse crops, slug pellets and similar granules.


ES 100 M3 Special

Specialist Spreader for Slug pellets

Just like the ES 100 M1 Classic, the ES 100 M3 Special is well suited for spreading catch crops, grass seeds, nurse crops, slug pellets and similar granules.


MDD 100 M1

Combines the advantages of Pneumatic Seeders and Disc Spreaders

The Multi-Metering System MDD combines the advantages of a Pneumatic Seeder and a Disc Spreader: Precise metering is performed by a seeding shaft, the seed is spread using a spreading plate – optimal for slug pellets across large working widths and for spreading various catch crops. Due to the diverse assembly options as well as the simple and quick mounting and conversion on different soil tillage implements, the MDD can be used several times a year for a wide range of applications.


MDP 100 M1

Extension to the Pneumatic Seeders Series

In terms of the applications and functions, the Multi-Metering Systems of the MDP series are similar to Pneumatic Seeders of the PS series. Due to its compact construction and the varied mounting options, this type covers a wide range of applications. The MDP is very well suited for spreading all the usual small seeds, seed mixtures and slug pellets, as well as for reseeding the grassland.

mdg 40

MDG 40 M1 MDG 100 M1

Airless Dosing of Seeds

The Multi-Metering System MDG offers ideal conditions for the airless spreading of seeds and granules through its compact construction and the precise metering. The MDG series can be used as an additional metering unit on an existing seeder or for the placement of granules, mouse bait or slug pellets simultaneously with the soil tillage.


PS 120 - PS 500

Pneumatic Seeders

APV’s Pneumatic Seeders (PS) are characterized by their universal use on a wide variety of machines. So a combined application is possible – simultaneously tilling the soil and seed.This will save you time and money!Here, the seeds are conveyed by air support through plastic hoses to the dispersion plates and then evenly distributed close to the soil.This enables precise seeding even by windy conditions!

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