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Grassland Management

A nutrient-rich grass crop and therefore a good fodder base is an important success factor for farmers, and cultivating grassland without tilling is the simplest most efficient approach for healthier fields.


The Key Features of APV Grassland Machinery

Professional grassland cultivation with APV products

Spring-mounted levelling plate
Spring-Borne Levelling Plates

Spring-borne levelling plates are available to even out bumps, sods and other unevenness.

Unique Tine Sections
Unique Tine Sections

With cranked tines that are made in different strengths, this is a unique combination that has been proven to provide excellent results. Each tine section can be used in variable sizes together which achieves an optimal adaptation to the application. Tines of 3rd and 4th row are easily adjustable. They can also be used for tilling the soil! 20mm longer wearing tips on tines also means longer service life.

Interchangeable Sections
Interchangeable Sections

Every working tool can be used as a single unit (e.g. roller) on its own, or can be changed to any configuration as they are all compatible with one another for various applications depending on the nature of the job.

Easy adjustment
Easy Adjustment

Easy central tine adjustment per section due to screwless connection and lateral sections are automatically pivoted in due to parallel guidance. Smooth folding due to curve control and longer hydraulic cylinders. Lower linkage catch tongue for easier coupling of harrow.

Constant ground adaption
Constant Ground Adaptation

Independent ground adaptation of each individual section array to ground contours. The larger bend angle of the tines provides an excellent harrow result. Constant ground adaptation of the harrow sections through chain suspension and uniform application of pressure by the forks on the harrow sections on undulating ground due to individual suspensions and lateral compensation of each individual fork.

Reseeding and new seeding
Reseeding or New Seeding

With Pneumatical Seeders in combination with the APV grassland implements you have a very exactly tool for reseeding or new seeding or your grassland. The seeds get over hoses to the dispersion plates. This distribute the seeds on the soil surface. The tines and roller do the last work for the perfect germination.


The APV Grassland Management Range

From Tined Weeders to Power Harrows APV grassland machinery is available in 3m and 6m versions, meaning there is a machine to suit any farm application.

GS 300

GS 300 M1

Grassland Weeder

The grassland weeder evens out molehills and manure and ensures the even spreading of organic materials.
It additionally airs the turf, tears up tangles and by currying out weeds provides new space that can be filled with precious seeds.

GS 600 M1

GS 600 M1

Grassland Weeder

The GS 600 M1 is generally used in areas where intense grassland tillage is necessary. The two strong steel tines in front tear out mats and weeds while the other two separate earth from the torn out mats and weeds and work the already spread seeds in the soil.

GP 300 M1

GP 300 M1

Grassland Power Harrow

The grassland power harrow GP 300 M1 is an ideal machine for meadow maintenance, sowing and reseeding of grass. Because of the unique combination of its 10 mm or 12 mm tines with 8 mm tines the turf is worked in the best way possible.

AS 600 M1

Grassland Tine Harrow

The tine harrow has proven itself as a true allrounder in Ireland. With 8mm tines alongside adjustable feeler wheels its primary operation is to control unwanted weeds by pulling out and depositing weed germs above ground to wither and die.

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