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Trailed Seed Drills

High work rates and first-class sowing performance, due to the choice of different conveying system concepts, the Amazone trailed drill models offer the right solution for any farm, from small, compact sowing combinations to large-scale seed drills.


The advantages of AMAZONE Trailed Seed Drills

Trailed Seed Drill Seed Hopper
The Seed Hopper

Seed Hoppers are easy to fill and can be easily accessed from the left hand side of the machine. The hopper is positioned well forward, keeping the centre of gravity near to the tractor and thanks to the deep hopper and steep walls the seed is consistently delivered to the metering system.

Trailed Seed Drills Comfortable Filling
Comfortable Filling

A platform, accessible via folding steps, simplifies the loading of Amazone drills. The spacious hopper opening enables a quick and convenient filling procedure, not just from big bags but also front end loaders. When filling from small bags, the hopper protection sieves can be used both as a rest for the bags while being opened.

RoTec Pro Coulters
Choice of Coulters

Depending on the model, Amazone drills come equipped with TwinTec double disc or RoTec Pro single disc coulters. This combined with hydraulic coulter pressure ensure the seed is placed accurately.

Trailed Drill Caliberation
Easy Calibration

Easy in field calibration, via reliable metering drive, and a wide variety of metering casettes for different seed types, on all trailed drills. The optional comfort pack 1 with twin terminal 3.0 allows the input of seeding rate at the machine unit rather than through the tractor terminal.

Trailed Seed Drill Low Oil Requirment
Low Oil Requirement

The new extremely efficient blower fan is characterised by its low oil requirement requiring just 21 l/min at 3,600 rpm and the minimal noise Emission.

Selection of Control Boxes
Selection of Control Boxes

In addition to the ISOBUS terminals, Amazone offers the AmaDrill+ on-board computer, a machine-specific terminal for Amazone seed drills. AmaDrill 2 has been developed especially for Amazone seed drills and is a cost-effective yet comfortable terminal. With the AmaDrill 2 operator terminal, the operation of the Amazone seed drill is possible even without any ISOBUS function for your tractor.

The AMAZONE Trailed Seed Drill range

From 3m to 12 m working widths, and hopper capacities of 300ol up to 13,000l, and a wide choice of options whatever the method of drilling there is an Amazone trailed drill to suit every requirement.


Trailed Cultivator Drill

The Cirrus trailed seed drill combination is a pneumatic seed drill which is distinguished by the superb quality of its work in single-pass ploughing and sowing and mulch sowing. With working widths in 3 m to 6 m and hopper sizes of 3,000 l to 4,000 l, the Cirrus range is highly efficient. Due to their flexibility and different conveying system concepts, the Cirrus models offer the right solution for any farm, from small, compact sowing combinations to large-scale seed drills.


Tine Coulter Seed Drill

The Cayena tine coulter seed drill is designed for fast sowing on hard, dry and stony soils with or without prior soil tillage. The Cayena provides enormous power with a 6 m working width and a 3,600 l hopper capacity; the Cayena-C with a 4,000 l twin outlet hopper is available as an alternative.


Large Area Seed Drill

The Citan trailed seed drill achieves very high acreage outputs due to its low pulling power requirement and working widths of 8 m to 15 m. With its 4,600 l or 7,800 l hopper capacities, the Citan provides farmers with enormous efficiency, ideal for use on large farms with short sowing time frames. The Citan-C with a 12 m or 15 m working width is also equipped as standard with a 3-section pressurised tank, which can also be used to place fertiliser in the seed furrow.


Trailed Seed Drill

The Condor trailed seed drill works with individually guided ConTeC pro sowing coulters and row widths of 25 cm and 31.3 cm/33.3 cm, meaning that extensive crop production methods can be used in arid continental regions. The Condor also provides a huge output with working widths of 12 m and 15 m and its 7,800 l, 3-section pressurised tank.


Large Area Seed Drill

Precision and speed when Direct sowing, Mulch sowing and Conventional sowing .Working speeds of up to 18 km/h, parallelogram-guided chisel openers, wear-resistant chisels and hoop rings, with Exact harrow and Roller harrow. Amazone is offering an outstanding machine for cost-effective crop establishment over large areas in the shape of the Primera DMC in working widths of 3 m, 4.5 m, 6 m, 9 m or 12 m.

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