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Amazone Sprayers

Amazone sprayers are in a league of their own for efficiency, performance and build quality.


The advantages of AMAZONE Sprayers

Smartcentre Image
Easy to use Controls

The SmartCenter centralised operator station means that operation has never been so easy and comfortable. The SmartCenter with the induction bowl and the complete operator station including filling connections for suction and pressure filling are conveniently located centrally at the front.

Boom Widths and Folding
Boom Widths and Folding

Due to the special profile design, Amazone sprayer booms are very light yet at the same time very strong. Working widths from 15 to 36m ensures there are options for every farm size. High quality steel and clever engineering ensures a long operational life even over very high acreages.

Control Box Options
Control Box Options

The AmaTron4 control box is an easy to use control box, that utilises ISOBUS technology to ensure accurate spraying. The AmaSet+ enables the simple, fully electric control, with switches integrated into the operator terminal, to enable the control of 5, 7 or 9 part-width sections. AmaSprayis a higher spec control system which includes auto rate control.

Smooth Tank Design
Smooth Tank Designs

Compact tank designs with perfectly smooth inner walls and no indentations makes them easy to wash out and the lower centre of gravity allows them to be transported more securely.

Light and Sturdy Frame
Light and Sturdy Frames

The wide, profile steel frames combined with compact tank and the robust boom technology all contribute to the required reliability of Amazone sprayers. All the edges are rounded off and all hoses are neatly routed inside the frame.

Nozzle Choice
Wide Nozzle Choice

The right nozzle choice is the basis for success in crop protection. Amazone offers a wide choice of nozzles from Lechler. With the air-inclusion nozzles spray can be applied with very little drift. A wide range of nozzle bodies are also available.

The AMAZONE Sprayer range

Amazone offers a choice of mounted, trailed and self-propelled sprayers. From the lightweight 900 litre UF01 to the 11,200 litre tandem trailed sprayer and self propelled Pantera 4503.

UF 01


The compact UF 01 mounted crop protection sprayer with a tank capacity from 900 l to 1,200 l is characterised by its sturdy construction and lightweight design. With the Q-plus, Super-S1 and Super-S2 boom in working widths from 12 to 24 m, the UF 01 is an extremely high output sprayer.

UF 02


The UF 02 mounted sprayer is available in tank capacities of either 1,600 or 2,000 litres and booms in working widths from 12 to 30 metres. UF 02 is particularly distinguishable by its compact design, as well as its simple and comfortable operation. In combination with the FT front tank, the tank capacity of the highly-manoeuvrable tractor-mounted combination can be increased to 3,500 litres. That sets the standard!



The FT front tank allows the tank volume of the UF mounted field sprayer to be very easily extended by either 1,000 litres or 1,500 litres. Thanks to the optional FlowControl+ System and the compact design, the UF front tank is the ideal solution for increasing the overall capacity of the UF.

UX Special


The UX Special trailed sprayer with tank capacities of 3,200, 4,200 and 5,200 litres is characterised above all by its dependable and user-friendly design. Boom widths from 15 to 36 m are possible with the Super-S2 or Super-L2 booms. The UX Special meets the highest demands for modern plant protection thanks to the extensive range of high-quality optional equipment.

UX Super


The UX Super trailed sprayer with tank capacities of 4,200, 5,200 and 6,200 litres is characterised particularly by the extremely comfortable handling concept. The Super-L2 and Super-L3 sprayer booms, in widths from 21 to 40 m, impress with their first-class boom guidance. The UX Super trailed sprayer provides maximum efficiency combined with maximum effectiveness thanks to the high-performance equipment options.

UX 11201


The UX 11201 trailed sprayer, with its enormous tank capacity of 11,200 litres, can cope easily with the high pressure to cover the acres. With the Super-L2 sprayer booms in working widths of 24 to 40 m and its triple pump system with suction capacities of up to 900 l/min, it is perfectly suited to large area farming or crops which require particularly high application rates.



The Pantera 4504 self-propelled sprayer has a nominal tank capacity of 4,500 l and is available in boom widths from 21 m to 42 m. Stepless track width adjustment as standard makes the Pantera a universal all-rounder, particularly when shared with neighbouring farms. A wide variety of requirements can be met thanks to the different chassis types offered by the Pantera, Pantera-W, Pantera-H and Pantera-HW. The new generation focuses on increased work rates and reducing the work load on the driver.

FT-P 1502


Amazone has developed the FT-P 1502 self-contained front tank based on the successful technology of the UF 02 crop protection sprayers. The FT-P 1502 front tank is the ideal partner for any application of liquid products. These include hoes with band sprayers, seed drills with liquid fertiliser equipment and many others.

Our Customers Testimonials

Have a look at what other Amazone users think of their sprayers and how it has benefitted them.

UX 4200 Special

David Kelly, Co Kildare

David Kelly is a tillage farmer from Athy, Co. Kildare, who recently bought the Amazone UX4200 Special sprayer for use on his own farm as well as contract spraying work. “When you’ve a day ahead of you with 300ac to spray, you know you’re going to get it done no problem and there’ll be no rushing or panicking about the job.”

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