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Amazone ploughs are characterised by their robust build, excellent quality work and ease of adjustment.


The Advantages of AMAZONE Ploughs

Machanical or Hydraulic Width Ajustment
Working Width Adjustment

Mechanical or Hydraulic width adjustment is available. The standard furrow width adjustment can be altered in 4 steps by manually pivoting the leg fixing consoles. On the Cayros V the furrow width can be hydraulically adjusted from the tractor using a display.

Wide Bottom - Wide Wheels
Wide Furrow Bottoms

The plough body is at the heart of any plough and is first in line when it comes to quality of work and effective operation. The WXL430 plough body is capable of working, even in hilly terrain, at a depth of 15 – 28cm with a maximum furrow width of approximately 55cm. It is well suited for any soil type from light peat or sandy soils to heavy sticky clay ground. With this type body it also leaves the furrows wider at the bottom so they can accommodate tractors with wider tyre widths.

Hydrualic Stone Trip Protection
Hydraulic Stone Safety

When triggered the plough body pushes in a piston in the accumulator via the hydraulic cylinder. The gas is compressed and automatically returns the body to its inital position after passing the obstacle. Connected to a nitrogen filled piston accumulator the hydraulic pressure can be adjusted from the driver’s seat to increase or decrease the pressure required to trigger the release.

3 Year Warranty
3 Year Warranty

Unique to Amazone, AmaProtect 36 is included with all new ploughs. This gives you 3 years manufacturer warranty for added piece of mind.

Plough Disc Coulter Smooth
Disc Coulters

The disc coulters precise cutting action helps achieve full turning and complete incorporation of crop residues as well as leaving an effective furrow clearance. Plain 500mm diameter discs are available.

HeavyDuty Headstock
Heavyduty Headstock

All headstocks on Cayros ploughs feature a turnover system that uses a double-acting cylinder with automatic changeover. This ensures that the turnover of the plough is smooth and jerk-free. All headstocks have slotted top link holes, so that the plough/tractor combination can contour follow in uneven ground.

The AMAZONE Plough Range

With its Cayros and Hektor plough ranges, Amazone offers a comprehensive plough programme from a 2-furrow mounted plough to an 8-furrow semi-mounted reversible plough.

Cayros XMS


A particularly cleverly designed turnover mechanism with easy adjustment and an excellent range of options makes the Cayros XMS a versatile, universal plough for tractors up to 200hp. Available in 3 to 5 furrow with shear bolt stone safety release or automatic, hydraulic NonStop stone protection.

Cayros XS


In 4, 5 or 6 furrows, the Cayros XS is highly efficient, with an extremely functional and robust layout. Suitable for tractors up to 260HP, the Cayros XS is the right choice for large farms or agricultural contractors who are looking for a cost-effective and efficient ploughing operation.



With the Hektor, Amazone offers a semi-mounted reversible plough in 6 to 8 furrows and stepped furrow width adjustment from 38 to 50 cm. Designed for use under arduous conditions, yet easy to handle and adjust, the Hektor is a robust plough with a high level of operational reliability for tractors up the 360 HP class.


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