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Mounted Seed Drills

The Amazone mounted seed drill range presents the robust build and functionality for which Amazone is well known, combined with the latest and most innovative technology available.


The advantages of AMAZONE Mounted Seed Drills

The Seed Hopper
The Seed Hopper

Seed Hoppers are easy to fill and can be easily accessed from the left hand side of the machine. The hopper is positioned well forward, keeping the centre of gravity near to the tractor and thanks to the deep hopper and steep walls the seed is consistently delivered to the metering system.

AD-P Easy Filling
Comfortable Filling

A platform, accessible via folding steps, simplifies the loading of Amazone drills. The spacious hopper opening enables a quick and convenient filling procedure, not just from big bags but also front end loaders. When filling from small bags, the hopper protection sieves can be used both as a rest for the bags while being opened.

Seed meatering wheels
Choice of Coulters

Depending on the model, Amazone drills come equipped with Suffolk, TwinTec double disc, RoTec or RoTec Pro single disc coulters. Combined with the optional hydraulic or mechanial coulter pressure, ensures the seed is placed accurately.

Easy Calibration
Easy Calibration

The operator pushes the calibration tray underneath the metering housing and starts the calibration process. This can be done manually or through the control box, which makes it simple for the operator.

Selection of Control Boxes
Choice of Control Box

ISOBUS and Non-ISOBUS control boxes to suit all customer demands. AmaDrill or AmaTron4

Cataya (2) (1)
High Quality Cover

Roll over hopper covers that tightly seal the hopper against damp are standard with all seed drills.

The AMAZONE Mounted Seed Drill Range

With a range of 6 different models and hundreds of different specifications, there is a seed drill made for all conditions.

Harrow-mounted Conventional Seed Drill

The AD Super harrow-mounted seed drill with a working width of 3 m is ideally suited for medium-scale to large-scale operations. When mounted on a KX or KG power harrow and equipped with a RoTeC Control single disc coulter, the AD Super is ideal as a universal combination for single-pass ploughing and sowing and mulch sowing.

Mounted Conventional Seed Drill

The D9 mounted seed drill can be used on its own or in combination with a compatible soil tillage machine during plough sowing or mulch sowing. With working widths of 2.5 m to 4 m, the D9 mounted seed drills are suitable for smaller and medium-sized operations. The D9 can either be equipped with the WS Suffolk coulter or the RoTeC Control single disc coulter.


Harrow-mounted Conventional Seed Drill

The Cataya harrow-mounted conventional seed drill is the perfect machine for single-pass ploughing and sowing and mulch sowing when combined with the KX/KG power harrows or the CombiDisc mounted compact disc harrow. The Cataya impresses with its working widths of 3 m and 4 m and tank sizes from 650 l to 1,730 l, especially with regard to precision and convenience.

Mounted Pneumatic Seed Drill

The AD-P is characterised by excellent operational comfort with a shallow hopper shaped design. A choice of 850l or 1250l hopper capacities, which can be increased to a maximum of 1500l with the use of an extension. Due to its compact design the AD-P requires little lifting power.

Mounted Seed Drill Covor Photo


Harrow-mounted Pneumatic Seed Drill

The Centaya harrow-mounted pneumatic seed drill is available in 1600l or 2000l seed hoppers. It tops the range of Amazone’s mounted seed drills and is available from 3 to 4m.


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