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Disc Harrows and Cultivators

Amazone disc harrows and cultivators are characterised by their strong build, impressive quality of work and ease of use.


The advantages of AMAZONE Disc Harrows and Cultivators

Easy to set Depth Control
Depth Control

Convenient and precise setting of the working depth from the driver’s seat in all conditions using the optional hydraulic depth adjustment. Mechanical working depth adjustment is easily done centrally by swivelling round spacer elements on the left hand side of the machine.

Rubber Suspension on all Discs
Rubber Disc Suspension

Each concave disc can be individually adjusted to the ground contour thanks to the individual disc suspension using rubber spring elements. These maintenance-free rubber spring elements also serve as an overload safety device by allowing each individual disc to move upwards.

Suitable for Seed Bed Prep
Seed Bed Prep

Due to the small disc diameter, a high peripheral speed of the disc is achieved ensuring a very good crumbling effect, making the Amazone disc harrow ideally suited for seedbed preparation.

Maintenance Free Bearings on Discs
Maintenance Free Bearings

The disc bearing with two-row angular roller bearings is sealed by a face seal. This reliably prevents the ingress of foreign bodies and oil leakage. The bearings are completely maintenance-free thanks to the oil bath filling.

Entry Level Model
Entry Level Models

The Amazone compact disc harrow range extends from the Catros Special, a start-up model, to the Catros series with five mounted and three towed versions, the Catros⁺ for large operations, the Catros XL for stubble clearing and the towed Certos-2TX.

Extensive Range of Rollers
Extensive Range of Rollers

A choice of 11 different depth control rollers makes it possible to obtain the desired reconsolidation and crumbling, depending on the type of soil. Trailing harrows are also available for perfect levelling.

The AMAZONE Disc Harrow Range

From the entry-level 2.5m Catros Special to the 7m Ceus, a trailed disc harrow cultivator combination. The choice of size, rollers and disc variations means there is a model to suit any farm or contractor.


Mounted Compact Disc Harrow

The mounted CombiDisc compact disc harrow in its 3 m working width is ideally suited to high forward speeds, especially when sowing with a harrow-mounted seed drill. With working depths of 3 cm to 8 cm, an optimum seedbed is created. The wide roller programme offers, for any soil type, the most suitable roller for the optimum reconsolidation.


Mounted Compact Disc Harrow

The Catros, Catros+, Catros-2 and Catros-2TS compact disc harrows are ideally suited for shallow and intensively mixing soil tillage. Thanks to its easy pulling, and working widths from 3 to 6 m, especially high forward speeds and impressive work rates are possible.

Catros Special

Mounted Compact Disc Harrow

The Catros Special mounted compact disc harrow is ideally suited for fast, shallow and intensively mixing soil tillage. With its robust design, and in working widths from 2.5 m to 4 m, it is the ideal entry-level model for the small to medium-sized farm.

Catros XL

Mounted Compact Disc Harrow

Due to its open frame design and the large through passage potential, the CatrosXL compact disc harrow is optimally suited to farms with much organic matter. Due to the large diameter, fine or coarse serrated, 610 mm discs, working depths down to 16 cm are no problem. In working widths of 3 m to 4 m and operational speeds of 12 to 18 km/h, high acreage outputs with an excellent quality of work can be achieved.


Trailed Compact Disc Harrow

The Certos-2TX is ideally suited for intensive mixing and medium-deep soil tillage. With its 660 mm discs, the Certos-2TX penetrates the soil down to 20 cm and incorporates also large amounts of organic matter, blockage-free. Thanks to ist wide application range, the Certos-2TX with working widths of 4 m to 7 m is the powerful allrounder for any farm.


Mounted Cultivator

As the “little brother” of the Cenius, Cenio, designed as a light, but universal mulch cultivator, rounds off the bottom end of the Amazone product range for 3-point linkage mounted cultivators.


Mounted Cultivator

The 3-stagger Cenius mounted cultivator in working widths of 3 m to 4 m can be operated from shallow stubble tillage down to topsoil deep loosening. Due to the wide-ranging share and roller programme, the implement can be matched to virtually any field conditions.


Trailed Cultivator

The 4-stagger Cenius-2TX trailed cultivator, in working widths from 4 m to 8 m, can be operated from shallow stubble tillage right down to top soil deep loosening. Due to the wide-ranging share and roller programme, the implement can be matched to virtually any field conditions. The integrated centre running gear provides the machine not only a high manoeuvrability on the road but allows, if necessary, operation without a following roller.


Trailed Disc Harrow Cultivator Combination

The Ceus-2TX trailed disc harrow cultivator combination, in working widths of 4 m to 7 m, is the most flexible soil tillage implement in this sector. Thanks to the combination of discs and tines, the Ceus offers, due to the many benefits taken from the Amazone compact disc harrows and Amazone mulch cultivators, the maximum potential output. The Ceus is suitable for stubble cultivation as well as primary soil tillage, topsoil deep loosening, seedbed preparation and is ideal for farms with plenty of organic matter.


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