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The Highest Performing Reversible Fan for Diesel Engines

Canadian manufacturer Flexxaire is the world’s leading smart airflow system specifically designed for use on tractors, loaders, self-propelled mowers, sprayers and harvesters. It’s a complete diesel engine fan system that provides total control of airflow, keeps radiators clean, optimises engine performance, and reduces fuel usage. Some of the world’s most well-respected manufacturers feature Flexxaire reversible fans on their equipment such as Fendt, Cat, JCB and Komatsu.


Why do you need Flexxaire products?

Reversing fan technology from Flexxaire is helping farmers and contractors around the world to reduce the costs of operating their big machinery. Many vital agricultural assets including tractors, combines, telehandlers, self-propelled sprayers, potato harvesters and beet harvesters use multiple radiators and have a huge appetite for cooling air. This entraps dust and dirt which clogs radiators and intake screens, leading to reduced efficiency, overheated fluids in engine, gearbox and hydraulic systems and significantly reduced air-conditioning performance.

A fan with a dirty radiator can easily use an extra 5hp for the same cooling capacity. Flexxaire reversible fan technology not only offers you optimum cooling efficiency, it also solves the problem of dirty, clogged-up radiators, restoring full power and saving fuel. All at the touch of a button.


How do Flexxaire reversing fans work? More than just a variable pitch fan, Flexxaire is a variable pitch engine cooling fan system that understands when and how the pitch should change. It provides total control of airflow, keeps radiators clean, maximises engine performance, saves fuel, and is robustly built and maintenance free.

Flexxaire’s high-performance reversible fan blades are designed and built for operation in extreme conditions. They utilise high quality glass filled PAG (nylon) for use in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 110°C and to achieve a high tip speed of up to 20,000 FPM. The blade shape is optimised to deliver maximum airflow and the high static pressures needed to meet Tier IV emission requirements.


Flexxaire’s in motion variable pitch hub allows the fan blade pitch to be adjusted at any fan speed. Hub components are precision engineered and materials carefully selected to ensure perfect balance without any voids or porosity in material structure. All joints are sealed with high-quality O-rings. The mechanical spring loaded fail-safe feature ensures maximum airflow if control is lost. Designed to withstand exposure to debris and caustic fluids, vibration up to 20Gs and temperatures between -40° to 120°C, the Pitch Sensor is designed to last longer than the engine.


Blades 6
Actuation Method Hydraulic and Pneumatic
Actuation Pressure Range Hydraulic 24 – 41 bar/350 – 600 psi
Pneumatic 4 – 8 bar/60 – 130 psi
Diameter Range 406 – 790 mm/15.98 – 27.91 in
Weight Range 5.5 – 6.8 Kg


In 1997, Flexxaire moved to a new manufacturing plant in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Recently, this facility was expanded to significantly increase output to meet the growing demand for our products.

The new state-of-the-art operation, which includes a fully robotic production line and high-tech quality assurance, features solar panels and a unique design that makes a dramatic colorful statement in the industrial West Edmonton community.

Throughout every phase of their design and manufacturing processes, their goal was to deliver a variable pitch fan that meets the requirements and standards of every customer. Each fan that leaves their facility undergoes rigorous and regular testing to ensure that we always deliver the best possible product.
Their success stems from their multi-talented teams of engineers, production, and sales and support specialists. Not only are they industry experts, they are dedicated to understanding your industry, your challenges and your equipment needs so that we can provide the best solution for keeping your radiators clean.


When it comes to understanding the superiority of the Flexxaire reversible fan system, seeing is believing. View our video for the full story.


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