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Groundcare Machinery

AMAZONE offers the HorseHopper and Groundkeeper mounted mowers, the Profihopper 1250 SmartLine 4WDi self-propelled mower/collectors with all-wheel drive as well as the Profihopper 1500 SmartLine universal machines.


What makes Amazone Groundcare Machinery so unique and versatile ?

Amazone offer some of the most unique grass cutting and collection mowers on the market specifically engineered for sports turf, landscaping contractors, national parks, private estates and stud farms. Amazone  offers the HorseHopper and Groundkeeper mounted mowers, the Profihopper 1250 SmartLine 4WDi self-propelled mower /collectors with all-wheel drive as well as the Profihopper 1500 SmartLine universal machines. Within the extensive range of machines there is a model to meet the demands of every customer.


Healthier horses thanks to improved paddock hygiene with the Horse-Hopper.

The HorseHopper from AMAZONE carries out these tasks comfortably and reliably. A universal machine with a working width of 1.35 m to 2.10 m which can also be attached to a small tractor and does everything in a single pass: mowing, aerating, cutting and simultaneous collection of the cuttings and horse droppings.

The HorseHopper is equipped with wing blades and scarifying blades for the collection of wet cuttings mixed with horse droppings. The scarifying blades loosen the horse droppings from the turf. During mowing, the wing blades convey the horse droppings to the hopper together with the cuttings. The grass catcher can be emptied outside the paddocks by pulling a cable and the grass composted. The HorseHopper can be equipped with hydraulic emptying as an option.



Mowing, collecting, mulching and rolling, all in one pass.

The Groundkeeper by AMAZONE is a mounted mower that offers impressive first-class quality and reliability. A hopper capacity from 1,350 l to 3,500 l with high lift discharge and working widths from 1.35 m to 2.10 m enable coverage of large surface areas. Above all else, its versatility makes the Groundkeeper the ideal professional machine, be it for mowing, scarifying, mulching or collecting leaves and other rubbish.



The high class, high performance self-propelled mower

The Profihopper 1500 SmartLine self-propelled mower, with its intelligent 4WDi all-wheel drive system, offers a professional, high performance machine with the ultimate in output. Thanks to a working speed of up to 10 km/h and a cutting width of 1.50 m, area outputs of up to 15,000 m² per hour are possible.

With the Profihopper 1250 SmartLine self-propelled mower, AMAZONE offers a professional solution and absolute reliability. The Profihopper concept promises the highest of efficiency and, at the same time, convinces with its unbelievably compact and comfortable design.

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Anyone who needs professional equipment for maintaining parks, sports facilities or golf courses will find exactly what they are looking for in the Amazone machine range. AMAZONE SA in Forbach, France, has been manufacturing equipment for mowing, collecting and scarifying as well as spreaders for winter road gritting for half a century. The latest new development from Forbach is our Profihopper PH 1500.

The plant had very humble beginnings. In 1970, Amazone decided to set up a new location in France, the largest market for agricultural machinery in Western Europe. An old factory in Forbach directly on the border across from Saarbrücken was the ideal solution and so Amazone purchased it from an Italian-born building contractor named Cellentano. Favourable conditions were the decisive factor here: The premises had their own rail connection and were conveniently located close to the motorway heading towards Metz and Paris. In addition, there was a great deal of industrial know-how in the Lorraine region due to the mining industry there. The location was right on the border and so made it easy to hire German and French-speaking staff and the plant soon began producing its own range of products. Amazone gradually transformed the old factory halls into a modern production plant with its own administration and sales department.

Starting with only two hectares of land and around 8,000 m² of production halls, the location steadily grew. In 1983, Amazone also purchased the adjacent premises to the east from a forwarding company, thereby acquiring additional warehouses and another 10,000 m² of hall space. Today, enough space still remains for further expansion, if required. In 1999, an additional prefabrication hall was constructed and in 2005, a modern paint shop with dip tank and kiln hardening facility was set up.

Meanwhile, the workforce has grown to more than 70 employees, all of whom have become committed, wholehearted members of the extended Amazone family. On-site Managing Director Patrice Franke is supervised by Management Board member Ludger Braunsmann from the headquarters in Gaste.

Amazone Profihopper

When it comes to understanding the versatility of the  Amazone Profihopper, seeing is believing. View our video for the full story.

Amazone Groundkeeper

The Groundkeeper by AMAZONE is a tractor mounted mower/collector that offers impressive first-class quality and reliability. View our video for the full story.


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With 33 dealers responsible for selling and servicing Krone, Amazone and Quicke machinery, there is always the right machine, back-up or spare parts close by. ‘Farmhand Works For the Farmer’ is the company slogan and underscores our commitment to the farming families on the island of Ireland.  Like them, we are passionate about what we do, dedicated to excellence and focused on the sustainability of our industry. Farmhand dealers are also independent, family-owned business who share these core values and provide a professional service.


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