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New X-Cutter disc for shallow soil tillage


New X-Cutter disc for shallow soil tillage

Amazone has extended the range of disc options for the Catros compact disc harrow with the new X-Cutter disc. This special, wavey profile disc is used for shallow soil tillage.

The new X-Cutter disc has a diameter of 480 mm for a high peripheral speed and performs optimally at working depths from 2 to 8 cm. Thanks to the special wavey profile, the discs maintain that full-surface cultivation across the entire working width, much less soil is moved than with other discs, which need to operate at much greater depths to move the full soil surface. The X-Cutter disc also scores with its low pulling power requirement.

The X-Cutter disc also does a great job in tall catch crops thanks to its full-surface cut. Optimum shredding at a shallow working depth in conjunction with intense microbial activity in the top soil layer promotes faster breakdown of the catch crop.

Furthermore, Amazone has another newcomer in the product range, the leading knife roller. The combination of Catros with the X-Cutter disc and the knife roller enables a multi-dimensional cutting action to take place, thereby increasing the longitudinal and lateral shredding intensity in stubbles, straw and cover crops. The decomposition process is therefore further enhanced and the transmission of disease to the following crop reduced.

The X-Cutter disc moves the full surface at a shallow working depth thanks to its special wavey profile.


In conjunction with the leading knife roller, the X-Cutter disc creates a multi-dimensional cutting action to maximise the shredding of organic matter, even where there are large amounts.


The X-Cutter disc is available as an option for new orders or for retrofitting to various models from the Catros+ and CatrosXL compact disc harrow range.




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