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New self-propelled Pantera 7004 sprayer from Amazone


Maximum performance and flexibility with the new self-propelled Pantera 7004 sprayer from AMAZONE

The Pantera 7004 is the newest model in the Amazone self-propelled sprayer range. Featuring a high tank capacity and the newly developed running gear, the Pantera 7004 combines high performance with a top-class driving experience. Ideal for large-scale farms and contractors who expect the best possible efficiency and comfort.


7,000 l tank capacity

With a maximum spray tank capacity of 7,000 l and a nominal volume of 6,600 l, the Pantera is designed for enormous work rates. The position of the four high-pressure cleaning nozzles, agitation and outlet sump are based on the tried-and-tested concept of the existing Pantera models and guarantee optimum cleaning with minimal residual volumes. A 500 l tank provides fresh water for cleaning. This is positioned at the rear of the machine ensuring that it has a low centre of gravity, even with an empty spray tank.


High-output crop protection technology

The piston diaphragm pumps are designed for a constant total output of 610 l/min for maximum work rates. The injection principle provides a suction capacity of approximately 700 l/min for filling. A bowser fill port is available as an option. This allows a filling speed of up to 1,000 l/min with the 3″ line, which results in minimal downtimes.

The SmartCenter is available in the two established variants “Comfort-Pack” and “Comfort-Pack plus” and is sure to impress with outstanding operational comfort and exceptional performance levels for the induction of plant protection agents.

The precision boom technology from Amazone, with the unique aircraft wing design, enables working widths from 24 m to 48 m with many reduction options and a very low weight. This means that the Pantera 7004 is not only ideally suited for large-scale farms but also for flexible use by contractors. Application accuracy is maintained at high working speeds with the exceptionally quick and precise “ContourControl” active boom guidance.


DirectInject direct feed system

The DLG award-winning DirectInject system is available as an option. This enables additional products to be added as and when required in a matter of seconds, which makes the use of the self-propelled sprayer even more flexible and more efficient. The system is fully integrated in the liquid circuit and the operating system of the Pantera, meaning that all the functions – from activation to cleaning – can be started from the cab at the touch of a button.

New comfort cab

The new cab offers a modern work-place with excellent all-round visibility and premium comfort. A Cat. 4 standard filtration system also provides the highest possible safety. The new armrest is characterised by an extremely clear and ergonomic design, tailored specifically to the functionality of a self-propelled sprayer, ensuring all the important functions are always within reach. As part of the twin terminal strategy, the 7″ AmaDrive terminal is responsible for the operation of the base vehicle and the spraying system is operated via an ISOBUS terminal. All the important spraying functions can also be assigned to the buttons of the ISOBUS-compatible drive lever.

12 LED work lights are now incorporated in the cab roof as standard, in conjunction with the LED work lights at the rear of the machine and the option of individual nozzle lighting on the boom, optimum visibility is guaranteed day or night.

Running gear with independent wheel suspension and slope compensation

The new running gear with independent trailing arm suspension is a unique design to Amazone. The hydro-pneumatic suspension is adaptive, tailoring the running gear to the driving conditions. This intelligent control provides the best driving stability and maximum driving comfort, combined with a simple and lighter weight design in comparison to conventional independent suspension. In addition, the system prevents any rocking when the tank is not completely full and enables high driving speeds, even on poor quality roads.


Hydraulic track width adjustment, with a standard track width from 2.00 m to 2.75 m, is fitted as standard. The Pantera-W, with track widths from 2.25 m to 3.00 m, is also available. The ground clearance in both machines is approximately 1.30 m, which means that tall crops can be driven through without damage.

Another advantage of the Pantera is the soil-conserving function of the offset track driving. For example, the front wheels can be set at the minimum track width and the rear wheels at maximum, meaning the soil is travelled over just once. As a result, especially in unfavourable soil conditions, the soil is not smeared as much and young plants suffer hardly any damage. In contrast to dog-leg steering, the machine is always aligned to the direction of travel.

The integrated slope compensation is another highlight. The inclination of the vehicle is detected via sensors and the machine is automatically kept horizontal up to a certain gradient. This feature, in combination with the low centre of gravity of the machine and the hydro-pneumatic running gear, provides extremely high slope stability. In addition to the enhanced driving comfort, this enables the driver to work extremely safely, even in very hilly terrain.

High-capacity and lightweight sprayer

The machine is lightweight, with an empty weight of approximately 12 t. Large wheels with an outer diameter of up to 2.05 m can be configured for maximum soil protection and clearance, and optimum weight distribution and automatic traction control on each wheel guarantees the best possible traction in any situation.

The drive is tailored to the operating conditions with an engine power of 306 hp (225 kW), which is hydraulically transferred to the wheels. Enabling the Pantera to work under any conditions while being economical.



  • Efficient: High tank capacity of 7,000 l and wide boom widths up to 48 m with working speeds up to 30 km/h
  • Soil-conserving: Lightweight design and large tyre sizes with optimum weight distribution
  • Comfortable: Ultra-modern chassis and cab technology as well as user-friendly operation
  • Flexible: Hydraulic track width adjustment and a wide variety of booms for many different areas of application
  • Safe on the road and in the field: Low centre of gravity and stable running gear with automatic slope compensation


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