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The Centaya pneumatic seed drill is the latest offering from tillage equipment specialists, Amazone. Compatible and mountable on a wide range of soil tillage implements via the QuickLink coupling system the Amazone Centaya offers a large, central and compact seed hopper with 1,600 l or 2,000 l hopper capacity for higher work rates. The hopper is positioned well forward thus keeping the centre of gravity near to the tractor and, thanks to its deep hopper tip and steep hopper walls, the seed is consistently delivered to the metering system.

Calibration is simple and straight forward at the touch of a button via the SmartCenter on the left hand side of the drill. The SmartCenter offers a very simple and clear layout of the most important adjustments; for example the grain placement depth and the coulter pressure can be independently adjusted in the SmartCenter with the use of a universal operating tool, this makes the adjustments quick and simple to do.

The segmented distributor head is located behind the seed hopper and directly above the coulters which ensures a short conveying time for the seed. The electric metering drive is regulated via any ISOBUS terminal. The calibration, in conjunction with the electric drive, is very comfortable and offers additional functions, such as, for example, pre-metering of the seed in field corners and the increase and decrease of the seed rate on the move. Special metering cassettes for different application rates precisely and gently deliver the seed up to the distributor head. The three metering cassettes supplied as standard cover up to 95 % of all seeds. The optional electric half-side shut-off reduces over-sowing on the headland or in wedge shaped fields, additionally up to six seed rows can be shut off with the aid of the tramline shut-offs resulting in spacing suitable for tyres up to 1050mm.

Available in working widths of 3m or 4m for use in combination with the KX or KG rotary cultivators or on the CombiDisc mounted compact harrow. The Amazone Centaya is available with a choice of coulter systems, either the TwinTeC+ high-output double disc coulters or RoTeC pro single disc coulters.



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