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New Krone EasyCut F400CV Fold


Krone offers a new 4m front mower, the EasyCut F400 Fold with a swathing auger and folding cutter bar.  F400 front mowers are designed for maximum efficiency and can be used in conjunction with rear mounted mowers to create the largest possible overlap for Butterfly combinations on the market.



Alternatively with auger

The large 45cm diameter auger directs the crop between the wheels of the tractor. The swathing width is adjustable, ensuring the tractor will not run over the crop and damage it when using it for zero grazing. The 4m front mower increases productivity and efficiency due to the larger cutting area. The first of its kind on the market, the folding cutter bar offers convenient hydraulic folding from the driver’s seat via a slewing gearbox. Folding into a less than 3m transport package for safe road transport.



Full-width Clean Cut

If used in a Butterfly combination, either of the two EasyCut F400 allows users to exploit a maximum possible working width. For example, if combined with the EasyCut B1000, a working width of more than ten metres can be achieved. Subsequently, the result is maximum mowing efficiency in all conditions. The hydraulic cutter bar suspension system, which is adjusted from the tractor cab, ensures an optimum ground pressure which is fundamental for consistent clean cuts at high work rates. The cutter bar features the famous Krone SafeCut which ensures that discs don’t collide with each other even if one becomes impacted. SmartCut ensures that the discs cut smoothly even on both new and heavy crops of grass.




By launching the new EasyCut F400 Fold Krone adds a new model to its unique range of 4m front mowers, proving once again that it offers the perfect solution for all mowing conditions. Greater mowing widths and more efficient farming is now achievable with Krone.



Technical data: EC F400 Fold

Working width: 4.04m

Transport width: 3.00m

Cutterbar: foldable

No. of discs/drums: 5/4

Swathing auger diameter: 45cm

Pto speed: 1000rpm

Hydraulic connectors: 1 sa, 1 da

Dead weight: approx. 1,650kg

Power requirement: approx. 74kW



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