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Large Square Balers

BiGPack 890/1270 1290 and 4X4

Camless EasyFlow pick-up

VFS – the Variable Fill System

The Crop Cutting System X-Cut

HDP – Baling with the Highest Density

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  • High-density bales in any common format – BiGPack big balers deliver just that
  • Featuring the VFS Variable Feed System, these machines excel in any harvest conditions and irrespective of swath volume and ground speed, producing well-shaped and rock-hard bales
  • The latest addition to the KRONE BiGPack range is the award-winning Multibale version, which splits one big bale into six small bales for easy feeding!
  • EasyFlow – the world’s first uncontrolled pick-up unit
  • Pick-up work width is 1.95m or 2.35m (6′ 5′ or 7′ 9”) Five rows of tines maximise crop gathering efficiency
  • Massive flywheel minimizes input requirement and ensures smooth operation
  • Large storage boxes hold 32 twine rolls
  • Single knotters are standard specification on all models with 700mm (28”) high chamber, double knotters are optional specification
  • Single axles and oversized tyres
  • All 65km/h models feature spring-loaded boogie tandem axles, all 50km/hr models self-tracking rear axles
Nothing is left behind:
Working at widths of 1,950 mm (6’5″) or 2,350 mm (7’9″) (DIN 11220) and specified with five rows of tines that are spaced 55 mm (2.2″) apart, the uncontrolled EasyFlow pick-up leads to absolutely clean rakes. In addition, no material is pulled into the pick-up, thanks to the 5.5 mm (0.2″) tines being arranged at right angles relative to the specially shaped scrapers.
baler-wheelProtects the turf:
The passive steered guide wheels are pendulum suspended. They follow all ground contours and wear/ scrubbing when maneuvering around corners is reduced.
Cost effective and powerful:
EasyFlow is our camless pick-up that gives you obvious benefits. Using fewer moving parts than a controlled cam track, this system is simpler by design and provides exceptionally quiet running, which results in reduced wear and maintenance as well as reduced service costs. Operating at a 30 % higher speed, EasyFlow is now even more effective and powerful.
krone-large-bailer-2KRONE knows customer needs:
The pivotal gauge wheels with pneumatic tires can be adjusted in height
without tools, adapting quickly to all conditions. They follow all ground contours and wear/scrubbing when maneuvering around corners is reduced.

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