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Big X Attachments

Tried & proven by contractors all over the world, the Krone Big X attachments offer many valuable benefits.

Boost your efficiency

Cut and collect more in less time

Lower your costs while upping your performance

More output, quieter running, less wear

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Cutting edge

  • EasyFlow pick-up
  • XDisc direct cutting system
  • Variable-row width EasyCollect corn head
  • Suitable for BiG X, quick and easy changeover

Pendulum frame:
The sturdy pendulum frame on the BiG X intake system guides the headers securely and safely. The headers are quick and easy to change on the pendulum frame.


  • Camless pick-up
    More output, quieter running, less wear
  • Stepless speed adjustment from the cab
  • EasyFlow speed automatically adjusts to driving speed

Two work widths: Working at widths of 3 or 3.8 m and using six rows of tines 55 m apart, the camless KRONE pick-ups are extremely thorough even when working in high-volume swaths. Depending on the swath width and your working speed, you can vary the speed of the EasyFlow steplessly from the cab. Alternatively, the speed can be automatically matched to your driving speed. EasyFlow 380 is marketed in selected export markets.


The direct cut head

  • 6.2 m work width
  • High throughput, low input
  • KRONE EasyCut disc mower technology – proven the world over
  • KRONE SafeCut: unique protection for mower discs
  • Powerful auger with replaceable Hardox wear plates
Cutting and chopping in one pass: KRONE XDisc is the versatile specialist mowing unit for whole crop silage. It cuts the crop cleanly and without wastage. The huge 900 mm diameter auger makes the BiG X enormously powerful and has no trouble picking up very long, bulky material.
Safe as houses: If the system is suddenly overloaded, instead of the impact being directed fully onto the spur gears on the cutterbar, a roll pin in the sprocket drive shaft shears. A thread on the sprocket drive shaft jacks up the disc, lifting it out of the danger area and above the orbits of the neighboring discs. SafeCut protects the spur gear driveshaft and the neighboring discs against damage. The roll pins can be replaced in just a few minutes and cost next to nothing.
SmartCut: Because the mower discs turn in both directions, the individual disc orbits must overlap precisely to ensure a clean cut. Therefore we increased the overlap between those discs that turn outwards – achieving stripeless cuts. In  addition, the blades turning to the rear are set further apart to encourage a smooth flow of large volumes of crop.


Boost your efficiency

  • A KRONE exclusive – up to 10.5 m work width
  • Top quality chop, fewer over length fractions as stalks are fed in lengthwise
  • Simple design reduces power input
Unique wingspan – enormous acreage: Working at widths of up to 10.5 m, BiG X takes the widest variable-row width maize headers in the world. The endless collectors feed the stalks to the middle of the machine, where they are turned through 90° and pulled in lengthwise. Ideal for a top quality chop with fewer over lengths.
ModelWork WidthFold-upComments
6000 FP6.00 m (19’8″)DoubleSuits JD, CNH, Claas
60006.00 m (19’8″)Double
6036.00 m (19’8″)Triple
7537.50 m (24’7″)Triple
9039.00 m (29’6″)Triple
105310.50 m (29’6″)Triple

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