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Big M 420

Harvesting up to 20 acres/hour

Optimum weight distribution

Hydropneumatic front axle suspension

Self-cleaning radiator drum screen with exhaust system

HeavyDuty cutterbars with SafeCut impact damage protection

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  • Achieving work rates of up to 20 acres per hour, the Krone Big M 420 mower conditioner is a truly high-capacity machine.
  • The drive power to the individual mowers flows via driveshafts and gearboxes. The split front mower folds into two vertical wings to reduce transport width to 3.2m (900/60 R32 tyres). Big M 420 is powered by a 408hp longitudinal engine, which sends its power to the four hydrostat-driven wheel motors.. The Big M is extremely agile on the headland and in small fields, opening up awkward and small plots easily and quickly. As another benefit, Big M features the Krone Big Swath System, which provides the flexibility of wide spreading and forming one single swath.
  • Each mower is controlled separately at the touch of a button, which opens (wide spreading) or closes (merging two swaths into one) the auger hoods hydraulically. At the same time, the system swathes material from two 3.20m work widths to a width of approximately 9.7m to avoid rapid wilting after the second or third cut, for example. Like Big M does not allow the crop to drop to the ground before it is swathed, ensuring exemplary clean fodder – a major benefit when cutting wet autumn crops. Besides, user experience shows that direct swathing leads to a substantial reduction of harvest costs as it eliminates the swathing pass.

Full-width conditioning:
Open the auger hoods and the system will distribute the material across the full working width. Specified with V-type steel tines and baffle plate, the conditioner spans the entire work width for a uniform flow of crop, optimum conditioning and light and fluffy swaths. It eliminates one tedding pass and produces higher quality silage and hence higher quality forage.
Everything under control:
The joystick controls all key functions. Forming an integral part of the armrest, it lifts and lowers the mowers separately or all three simultaneously and also activates the quick-stop function and the transmission.
The EasyTouch colour screenEasyTouch color screen displays:
The EasyTouch colour screen displays all major machine information. The push buttons open the sub menus and program the individual functions. The dial alters the parameters.
Independent windrowing:
Feeding the crop from only one mower to the centre of the machine is a good option when operating along field boundaries. To do that, simply close the auger hood on the mower that is running next to the field border. This system pays dividends, because it allows all subsequent operations to be carried out more effectively and faster. Operating only one auger in up-and-down operation, BiG M 500 will produce four swaths of 16 metres (52’5″) from a total work width of 26 metres (85’4″), ideal for further wilting and merging by a six-rotor central rake in one pass.
Hands-free mowingHands-free mowing:
thanks to (optional) GPS steering. The system minimizes driver fatigue and overlapping. As a result, you exploit the machine’s work width to the full for increased efficiency and maximum profitability.
Just the way you like it:
Operate the air-con controls from the panel in the roof, cool your snacks in the box next to it and operate the rotating beacon, the wipers and up to 15 lights from the roof-mounted cockpit. All controls are within easy reach.

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