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Introducing the new Multigrab M+ bucket grab from Quicke


Introducing the new Multigrab M+ bucket grab for handling manure, silage, and waste.

With its state-of-the-art design and unmatched functionality, the Multigrab M+ is designed for use with front loaders, compact wheel loaders and up to medium sized telehandlers, and is available with M16 L Bolt on hook system.

The “open” bucket gable design  and the circular movement of the rounded grab head minimize the power requirements for easy handling of both manure and silage. The grab head can open 160 centimetres, enabling you to drive up to a wall with the bucket cutting edge to scoop up that last material without tines touching the wall when the grab head is fully open.



Several accessories are available to adapt the Multigrab M+ depending on the materials you are handling;

  • Clamp edge – this serrated edge is bolted to the grab head tines and is perfect when you want to hold on to the material to prevent spillage. It is also recommended when handling irregular sized objects like construction debris, stumps and logs.
  • Clamp bar – this round bar is optimal when you need to hold down the material and efficiently prevents material from getting stuck in the grab. Recommended when handling compost and branches.
  • Tine Sleeves –prevent any grabbed material from becoming pierced and stuck on the tip of the tine. Another advantage is that it also works as wear protection for the tine tips.
  • Cylinder guard – bolted to the cylinders to protect the cylinder couplings and hoses from long and bulky debris.



Use the versatility of the Multigrab M+ to improve your manure, silage or waste handling today. Find out more: Implements for front loaders, wheel loaders and other tool carriers (


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