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Flexxaire – Zuidberg Offer


€500 off Flexxaire fan when bought with Zuidberg PTO

Get ready for a busy silage season and ensure maximum performance. The addition of a flexxaire reversible fan and Zuidberg PTO for your tractor will improve operator comfort, free up engine power and increase efficiency, order before the end of May and save €500!

Keeping your radiator free and clear means less downtime and increased efficiency, especially while mowing or baling. Fast reversing of blade pitch makes it possible for the cleaning cycle to quickly clear debris from radiators even in the most extreme conditions. The operator can trigger the fan to blow outwards manually by hitting a button in the cab or have it set to happen at time intervals. The cooling fan system can read the engine temperature from the ECU and knows when and how to adjust the blade pitch at any fan speed to keep your machine cool and to prevent overheated fluids in engine, transmission, and hydraulic systems.

Equip your tractor for mowing with a Zuidberg front PTO geared to suit almost any make and model of tractor. The Zuidberg front PTO features a multi plate wet-clutch with adjustable engagement, guaranteeing smooth implement operation and pro-longed lifespan of front linked machines. Ease of use is ensured when coupling the shaft to the PTO, since the stump can be rotated up to 60 degrees.

Together the Flexxaire reversible fan and the Zuidberg front PTO are the ideal additions for saving time and fuel, as well as ensuring maximum possible engine power is available.  Order them for your tractor before the end of May and save €500 off every Flexxarie fan bought with a Zuidberg PTO.



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