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Farmhand Delighted to be Headline Sponsors of TG4’s Hit show ‘Contractors’ 


Farmhand are delighted to be the title sponsors of the popular TV show Contractors on TG4. It is the second season of this documentary following different farming contractors around the country. The first series in 2022 was the most watched programme on TG4, with 3 of the episodes from the series staying in the top five programmes for the year.    


Exploring the working lives of agricultural contracting families from diverse locations over a 12 month period ‘Contractors’ offers a unique, practical and personal insight into contemporary life in rural Ireland. Featuring 8 contracting crews from Meath, Waterford, Cork, Kerry, Cavan and Donegal the series highlights their professional challenges, the high and lows of their daily routine and their hopes and dreams, presenting a no-holds barred portrayal of an agricultural sub-economy without which farming would not be possible. 


We will have a mix of Krone, Amazone and Farmhand advertising throughout all episodes and on the repeats of the programme. You can see an example of these adverts here:  

The first episode aired on the 21st of March at 9:30pm and will continue every Thursday over the next 8 weeks. If you miss an episode, you can catch the repeat on a Sunday at 6pm or Monday night at 11pm.  


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