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Farmhand Celebrates 60 Years


Farmhand, the well known Irish distributor of Krone, Amazone, Quicke, Zuidberg and APV are turning 60 years old. The firm was founded in 1962 as a 50/50 partnership between Denis Scrivener and Bernard Krone II. It later became a wholly Scrivener owned company in the early 1990s. The company has passed through two generations since then; from Denis to his son John and then to John’s children Paul, Sinead and Stephen who run it today with the help of 50 full time staff.



Farmhand has distributed for many different brands and has been through four premises moves before settling in their purpose built Damastown facility in 2008. However, the company ethos has not changed and this is something Paul Scrivener is strong on. “We see ourselves as specialist distributors of farm machinery, we don’t get involved in retail business and we only sell machinery from suppliers who are very focused on what they do. Along with this, we see the family business structure as critical to our success, like us, all our dealers and most of our suppliers are family businesses“ commented Paul who is Managing Director.


Although Farmhand is 60 years old, they are not standing still. They recently completed the expansion of their facility to double their indoor capacity. This brings the entire facility to over 7 acres with a warehouse/ office area of 6300 square meters. “We are constantly looking at ways that we can improve our premises so that we can be more efficient in serving our customers. Stock is all important in farm machinery and it’s vital that we have the right machines and parts in stock to keep our customers working. Along with that, we see investing in our premises as a key component in attracting the best staff” commented Sales & Marketing Director, Stephen Scrivener



Farmhand had a novel first person drone video produced to celebrate their 60th birthday which can be viewed on their YouTube channel, FARMHANDTV 

What’s in store for the future? We are keen to drive on with our success. We have had a good few years and have invested heavily in IT systems and facilities to allow us to grow further. I think longevity is our most important business goal and we hope to be able to sustainably grow the business over the next 60 years and hopefully leave it in a good place for the next generation. said Parts Director, Sinead Scrivener.




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