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Farmers to Receive €300/ha


The 2023 multi-species sward and red clover silage scheme is now open to applications. Farmers can receive up to €300/ha for growing a multi-species crop to help reduce the usage of chemical fertilisers. The aim of the scheme is to promote environmentally sustainable methods of farming. Reducing climate emissions, increasing biodiversity and improving water quality are key pillars which underpin the objective of the scheme.

 Multi-species swards produce higher dry matter yields from lower nitrogen fertiliser inputs and in addition they improve soil structure.  Red clover silage can achieve higher protein levels than grass silage.  


However, to be eligible farmers need to sow the crop by July 15th  and have it established by September 30th. Additionally, farmers must comply with the minimum seeding rate of 30kg/ha. Applications can be made at The closing date for applications is May 29th 2023. 

 APV Grass Harrows and Seeders.

The perfect solution for sowing a multi-species sward, red clover silage or cover crops and is now eligible for up to 60% TAMS 3 grant 


There is a wide range of different APV seeder models to choose from including electric disc seeders and  pneumatic air seeders.  They allow for precise metering, exact seed placement and conveniently can be mounted onto almost any brand of tillage implement. 



APV Grass Harrows help to aerate the soil by removing any dead grass, thatch, and moss. This results in rejuvenating your grassland. The tine harrow is a simple yet cost-effective way to stich in grass seed, multi species crops or red clover silage. Equipped with 2, 4 or 6 rows of tines it creates the perfect seedbed and ensures consistent seed coverage for optimum germination. With 4 models to choose from 3 – 12m, there is a harrow to suit every farmer.  

APV Grass Harrow & Seeders


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