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ZS 200 M3

Thanks to its design and functionality, the ZS 200 M3 is a competitively-priced and exacting alternative for cultivating intercrops (greening), grass reseeding, spreading slug pellets (up to 30m), nurse crops and sowing on fallow land. This is because it can perform sowing and tilling operations in a single process.

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  • Sowing of grass
  • Distribution of slug pellets
  • Distribution of insecticides
  • Fertiliser application
  • Distribution of granulated oil binding agents
  • Distribution of salt and thawing agents (winter service version)


  • Electric control box 2.1 (transition over the course of the year 2016 to control box 2.10 with identical functions) with steel bracket, mountable in the driver‘s cab
  • Complete spreader with electrically driven spreader disc and adjustable throw blades
  • 1 guide plate, upper linkage mounting mechanism counter plate and agitator extension
  • All required cables: 3 m cable to supply power from the battery to the control unit, 6 m cable from the control unit to the spreading unit

Control Box Functions

  • Automatic starter
  • Controls spreader disc and slide valve
  • RPM control
  • Easy-to-regulate spreader disc

The implement is equipped with an automatic starter and RPM control.

The spreader disc is driven by a 12V electric motor and can be operated via the control box in the driver’s cab. It can control the RPM, as well as monitoring and controlling the spreader disc. It also allows you to easily adjust the spreading width, and all of this is possible from the driver’s seat, while the vehicle is in motion.

Technical Data

  • Working width: 1 – 12 m
  • Dimensions: H 60 cm, W 45 cm, D 60 cm
  • Seed-tank: Plastic tank with 40 l capacity
  • Net weight: 19 kg
  • Power data: 12 V / 25 A


  • High quality control box (RPM control and measurement and control)
  • Automatic starter for compacted scatter material
  • Large refill opening
  • Practical and compact spreader
  • Varied mounting options
  • Large scope of delivery as standard. All necessary mounting parts included!


  • Tractor (Riding mower, mini tractor)
  • Quad (ATV)
  • Golfcaddy


  • Truck bed mounting bracket
  • Mounting kit tow-bar
  • Mounting kit quad bracket
  • Mounting kit quad bracket height adjustable
  • Cable extension ES SS 5 m

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