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GS 300 M1

The grassland weeder evens out molehills and cowpies and ensures that the even spreading of organic materials.
It additionally airs the turf, tears up tangles and by currying out weeds provides new space that can be filled with precious seeds. Grassland maintenance not only increases yields and nutrients, it reduces the growth of weeds because there is no space for them to take root.

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  • Increase of soil carrying capacity
  • Soil cultivation
  • Weed control
  • Soil stimulation
  • Meadow aeration
  • Removes dead thatch


  • Spring-borne levelling plates heavy (approx. 100 kg)
  • Warning signs + lights GS (approx. 5 kg)
  • Operating hour counter
  • Mounting kit for PS 120 – PS 300 on GS 300
  • Set of sensors – wheel + tractor linkage upper bar sensor GS
  • Filling step for GS (approx. 10 kg)
  • Accessory kit adjustment spindle GS 300
  • Front mounting bracket GS 300 * (incl. mounting kit for PS 120-300)
  • Warning signs + lights GS front mounting bracket
  • Filling step for GS 300 front mounting bracket

* Anything obstructing the field of vision must be corrected using suitable measures! Front axle loads may be exceeded!

Technical Data

  • Working width: 1 – 6 m with double electric fan, 8 outlets
    1 – 7 m with hydraulic fan, 8 outlets
    1 – 12 m with hydraulic fan, 16 outlets (optional)
    (8 outlets with 8 Y-dividers or doubling pieces accessories available)
  • Dimensions: H 125 cm, W 80 cm, D 125 cm
  • Seed-tank: Plastic tank with 500 l capacity
  • Net weight: 93 kg / 116 kg
  • Power data: 12 V / 25 A


The grassland harrow GS 300 M1 is available with FRONT MOUNTING BRACKET too!

Our grassland machines are also available fully equipped as so called „Full Edition“. This contains:

  • Frontside 2 rows cranked 10 mm tines
  • Warning signs + lights
  • Heavy levelling plates
  • Filling step
  • Mounting kit
  • PS 200 M1 (electric fan) incl. control box 5.2
  • Set of sensors – wheel + tractor linkage upper bar sensor


  • Spring-borne levelling plates (available as accessories) to even out mole hills and other unevennesses.
  • Followed by two beds with cranked tines that are made in different strengths.
    This is a unique combination that has been proven to provide excellent results.
  • Each tine section can be used in variable sizes together. This achieves an optimal adaptation to the application.
    Tines of 3rd and 4th row are easy adjustable.
  • They can also be used for tilling the soil!


Usable with pneumatic sowing devices with electrical fan PS 120 M1, PS 200 M1 and PS 300 M1


  • Frontside 2 rows cranked 10 mm or 12 mm tines
  • Rear side 2 rows cranked 8 mm tines
  • 2 pcs. support wheels

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