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01 - 812 9700

Damastown Industrial Park, Dublin 15


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We feel that it is very important to ensure that our customers get not only the best machines but also the means to get the best out of them.

Spare Parts

We carry a very large, comprehensive stock of spares for machines, some of them almost 50 years old, in our modern warehouse facility. We offer next-day and also same-day delivery of parts throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our Parts Specialists, Mark Donohoe and Mick Gorman, can provide help and advice and also operate an emergency service during the peak silage season.

At present, no other manufacturer provides spare parts information
online. Please contact Spare Marts Manager, Mark Donohoe, or
Mick Gorman for parts information or with any other spare parts queries.

Mark Donohoe  |  Mick Gorman
01-812 9700  |  01-812 9700
mdonohoe@farmhand.ie  |  mgorman@farmhand.ie

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Fastparts markets a wide range of wearing and fast-moving parts for all makes of tractors and agricultural machinery.

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This is not an expensive spreader, but it does everything I could ever ask of it. I spread from fertilizer to clover seed. (just make sure to wash and spray with diesel if spread fertilizer). Got mine from Farmhand and have been very happy with the service since.

Diarmuid McLoughlin

just finished a season with the 800 spreader, the M1 one. it seems to have done a good job, but you have to be very careful with the metering lever...have put down way to much while learning....had heard good things about it though and it has served us well

Noel O'Neill

We’ve had the PS300 with us for about 4 years now and I’m very happy with it. It hasn’t let me down, and it does a great job

Bernard Mc Kenna

We’re here to help

At Farmhand Ltd, we are here to help you the farmer. If you have any questions on the APV Grassland or Cultivation then simply get in touch with us through the contact from, or by phone. We’re here to help.