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APV Tine Harrow Embodies Technology and Innovation


APV offers customers innovative agricultural technology for seeding, spreading and cultivating.

The APV GS tine harrow has proven itself as a true allrounder in Ireland. Recognisable by the combination of cranked spring tines in 8mm and 10 or 12mm specifically designed for the many requirements of grassland management.

Grass quality and yield can be maximised with the GS 600 M1. Highly efficient for the cultivation of grassland due to a higher working width of 6 metres, the GS 600 M1 is characterised by a high tilt adjustment and can also be used in difficult terrain or for arable applications. Long tines made of special spring steel create high passage and allow for faster driving with less blockages. The easy adjustment of the aggressiveness of the front tines and the swivel and lockable front feeler wheels means the APV Tine Harrow is well equipped for varying ground and slopes. Add the appropriate accessories and you can carry out multiple operations, including:

Tilling: The basic APV Grass Harrow comprises four rows of tines. Two front rows of 10mm or 12mm tines tear the sward and free the grassland of weeds and matting. The rear two rows of 8mm tines separate the soil from the torn weeds, produce a fine soil and for some applications work seed into the soil.

Levelling: Add the spring mounted levelling plate to remove any bumps and unevenness.

Seeding: You can combine the APV Grass Harrow with a selection of APV Seeders in a wide range of hopper sizes.

If you would like more information about the APV Tine Harrow and its specific features please contact your local APV dealer.


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