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ZG-TS Trailed Spreader

Amazone Spreaders

2 sizes - 5500l and 8200l

TS spreading system ensures outstanding precision, particularly on field boundaries

Superb build quality for high-end contractor use.

Unique self-aligning floor belt - durable & reliable.

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The Amazone ZG-TS is a machine for contractors who need really precise spreading, especially on field boundaries and in irregularly shaped fields, where under- and over-spreading can present problems.

Compared to other trailed spreaders, the ZG-TS is very well spec’d and built with a payload of just under 10 ton and road speed of 50kph.  Hydraulic folding hopper cover and heavy duty screen are standard for quick, easy filling.  One of the most notable features of the Amazone is the self-aligning floor belt, tried & proven over 40 years.

The biggest feature of the Amazone ZG-TS is the spreading system – generally acknowledged to be the most advanced on the market and giving unparalleled accuracy, particularly on field boundaries.

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