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E&S Spreader for Winter application

Amazone Sprayers

Steep hopper walls for optimum flow of the spreading material

Strong protective sieve inside the hopper

Large adjustable aperture for accurate spread rates

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  • Spreaders for use in winter service for salt and grit application.
  • Flexible concept also enables their use for top-dressing soil / grit mixes for golf courses and municipal areas as well as for fertiliser spreading on green amenity areas.
Key Features

The E+S single disc spreader can comprehensively handle winter application, fertilising and the application of sand on golf courses and sports fields and for spreading grit in road construction. The special hopper design provides a good flow of the spreading material at a low filling height. The strong frame allows on the E+S 750 a payload of 1300 kg so that the maximum hopper capacity is 1000 litres. With extensions the E+S 300 can be increased to max. 560 litres. The E+S spreader is available at random either with a PTO shaft or a hydraulic drive. The working width can be set manually or hydraulically. The E+S metering unit is simply removed using the patented bolt-less fixing system. Made from high grade stainless steel allows for the easy cleaning and maintenance of the spreader.

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