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It has been a very difficult year for growers, with reports of poor yields, and grain prices on the floor. This means that having really professional machinery to do the job efficiently is now more important than ever. Ireland’s Amazone importer, Farmhand Ltd, have recognised this and are offering an attractive finance package. “Conditions are tough and we are throwing everything we have at this to do our best for tillage farmers. Prices will pick up, they inevitably do, but we want to ensure farmers have as little to pay on their machine for 2017 as possible” David Borland, Sales Director Farmhand.


This popular 3m Amazone One Pass unit can be bought for an initial deposit of 10% of the sale price (which can be covered by a trade-in where applicable) and the balance being paid over the next four years at a flat rate of interest as low 1% (1.96% APR). As well as this, Farmhand are offering a full set of tines free of charge with every one pass purchased before November 1st.  “We feel that times are especially tough in tillage and we want to do everything we can to defer payments until things are better. Irish farmers are resilient and recognise that prices will come good again, it’s just a matter of time” Paul Scrivener, MD Farmhand


The Amazone One Pass has long been a leader in the harrow/ drill combination market in Ireland. This is down to its durable construction and ability to work in all conditions. The ADP- Special is the most popular model with a hopper capacity of up to 1500l.

The fan is driven electrically allowing calibration with the touch of a button and very simple, quick seed rate adjustment from the tractor cab.


To give a typical purchase example: a customer buys a harrow/drill combination for €32,000 + Vat They will pay €3200(10%) deposit in year one, followed by four annual payments of €7546 starting in late 2017. This would mean that the cost of finance is only €1384 over the entire term.



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