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Amazone Cenio 4000-2 Folding


The new Cenio 4000-2 folding, universally-adaptable mounted cultivator  

Amazone launch the all the new Cenio 4000-2, a folding mulch cultivator in a 4m working width. The introduction of this new hydraulic-folding model complements the existing Cenio product range of 3 m, 3.5 m and 4 m rigid machines. The Cenio can be used with tractors from 105 to 275 hp. 


The tine element – optimum incorporation of crop residues and soil loosening  

The 3-point linkage mounted Cenio is a three-row mulch cultivator with interchangeable shares for depths from 5 to 30cm. This enables the cultivator to be used for both shallow stubble cultivation as well as medium-deep and deep-loosening soil tillage. With a tine spacing of 30cm the Cenio can work with large amounts of crop residue, evenly mixing the matter back into the soil without blockages.  


C-Mix Special tines and C-Mix Super tines 

The Cenio Special, is equipped with shear bolt overload protection and the Cenio Super comes with spring overload protection and a trip force of 500 kg. This spring overload device provides optimum protection for the Cenio in stony conditions, and the tines easily hold the pre-set working depth, even under hard conditions.  


Soil-engaging parts for a wide range of applications 

An extensive selection of share variants from the C-Mix-3 system are available, enabling the Cenio to work across a variety of applications. The 320 mm wide duckfoot share or the 360 mm wide C-Mix wing share can be used for full-surface cutting in stubble. The 100 mm or 80 mm wide C-Mix share can be used for primary soil tillage and the 40 mm wide C-Mix share is effective for deep soil loosening down to 30 cm.  



Comfortable adjustment for optimum working results 

The working depth of the Cenio 4000-2 is hydraulically adjusted from the tractor cab. The depth can be tailored to suit the field and soil conditions on the move and an easy-to-read scale is used for orientation.  



The working profile is always left smooth thanks to levelling discs 

Fine-serrated, 410 mm diameter concave discs are available for levelling the soil behind the tines. With maintenance free bearings, the discs have a high self-driving effect combined with good crumbling of the soil.  

The automatic disc levelling system means the height of the levelling unit is automatically adjusted via the parallelogram linkage when the working depth of the tines is changed. This ensures the levelling quality always remains the same, even when the working depth is changed, and the operator workload is further reduced.  



The right roller for every soil type  

There is a choice of 7 rollers for reconsolidating the soil, ensuring the ideal roller for any operating condition is always available. In the event of widely varying fields on a farm, the roller can be exchanged with minimum effort thanks to the quick-change system. The rollers can also be supplemented by a optional single-row harrow system.  

  • Varied range of application from shallow stubble cultivation to topsoil deep loosening thanks to a wide range of shares  
  • Comfortable adjustment from the cab thanks to the standard hydraulic depth adjustment 
  • Uniform levelling as a result of the automatic adjustment of the levelling discs when the depth of work is changed 
  • Long service life due to the robust frame design  
  • Targeted reconsolidation under all conditions due to the extensive roller range 


For more info on the Cenio range please visit Amazone Cultivators



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