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The new Big Pack generation from Krone

The new Big Pack generation from Krone

Boosting comfort, cutting overheads: The new Big Pack generation from Krone

Krone has revised and optimised many high-wear components to increase machine longevity with the aim of minimising the total cost of ownership and boosting operator comfort for BigPack balers. The result is a new generation of Big Pack models that impress as truly High Performance balers. Landmark features of the new generation balers, that still retain the 1270 and 1290 chambers, are a new and modern styling, a longer bale chamber, a heavier-duty VFS variable flow system and various operator comfort features including the new PowerClean machine cleaning system.

Longer and sturdier bale chamber: The new Big Pack 1270 and Big Pack 1290 chambers were extended by more than 20% to 3.60m and all models have a full-width top plate now, thus following the design of the BiG Pack 1290 HDP HighSpeed. The longer chamber and full-width top plate lead to even better bale shapes and much higher bale weights, especially on the BiG Pack 1270.

Variable Filling System (VFS) for maximum productivity: The lifespan of the VFS was doubled by a thorough rework in terms of load rating and throughput rates and by drastically reducing peak loads in the control circuits. In addition, the packer is now adjusted directly from the terminal, a modification that translates into perfect bale shapes and densities. The driveline torque is measured permanently now to determine the load on the VFS and the machine, the current load being indicated by a bar graph on the display screen. This means that even inexperienced operators will always achieve maximum daily output rates.

How the VFS circuit works: The sensor swing is now monitored by an angle sensor. If there is not enough straw in the pre-compression chamber to produce a good wad, the electric brake is triggered. As a result the packers continue filling the pre-chamber until this is filled completely. Then the cam track swings off path and the feeder rake pushes the material into the baling chamber.

The best part is that operators can control the level of pre-compression and wad thickness or number in five increments electrically from the cab. Watching the pre-chamber being filled at each turn of the packer from the display screen, they can adjust the feeder rake triggering force to current requirements. Equally useful is the fact that the brake is not triggered in 1:1 feed mode.

Krone PowerClean: A completely new and unique feature is the knotter cleaning system that cleans not only the knotter mechanism but also other machine areas. Hydraulic turbines generate an overpressure inside the knotter bay so no debris can collect here in the first place. The air flow is then channelled to the areas underneath the panels and downwards to the axle. Debris build-up on the bale chamber, for example, is now consigned to the past – which has a positive effect on the knotter life as these operate in a consistently clean environment now.

Clever touch-ups boost operator comfort: The drawbar is heavier-duty and also slimmer on the new generation Big Packs. A beefier support for the drive shaft offers more adjusting options for optimum drive shaft alignment and ultimately for increased shaft life. The hose rack was also optimised for easier hose routing to the tractor. Hitch height is now adjusted on the hitch ring, a fast and easy solution that also made for the slimmer drawbar and improved manoeuvrability. An optional guard is now available for the drawbar to prevent fouling with tractor wheels. All drive shafts are supplied from Walterscheid which has the following advantages: Improved guard tubes are no longer secured with chains and have longer lubrication intervals. Low maintenance applies also to the axles. Big Pack runs on high-quality yet comparatively light-weight tandem axles from BPW that have parabolic springs and all major grease nipples auto lubricated. Maximum tyre size is 620/50 R 22.5 but 26.5” tyres will be an option in the future once the suitable axle is available.  As another advantage, the BPW tandem axles have much more powerful locking rams now which move the wheels to straight ahead position und lock them even with the machine stationary. The pick-up runs on heavier-duty gauge wheels now and auto-lubricated bearings. Crop press roller suspension is adjusted steplessly on the left side of the machine. The pick-up unit has an open back so offcuts are removed easily. On request, Krone also offers a hydraulic pick-up drive for the Big Pack.

Specified to needs: The new Big Pack generation also scores on a stylish appearance. The twine boxes are now integrated in the side panels where they are perfectly protected from dust and debris. As another advantage, those panels that are opened for refills are smaller now. The newly designed twine box offers a clear view of the balls and has room for thirty 10-15kg balls. On request, Big Pack can be equipped with two additional twine boxes that increase the total storage capacity to 42 balls and a total weight of 630kg. Another new feature is the fact that the panels fold hydraulically into two different positions now. The operator operates the panels either from the cab-based terminal or from the control panel on the machine, either lowering the twine compartments as on the tried-and-tested Big Pack 1290 HDP II or swinging them up and open.   The technology makes for quick, easy and convenient refills and also offers exemplary accessibility for maintenance or repair.

Featuring the VariCut cutting system: From now on, all Big Pack models with cutting unit will be equipped with the proven VariCut cutterbar (VC). The VariCut cutting unit is available either with a maximum of 51 blades or with a blade cassette with up to 26 blades and impresses by a particularly high operator comfort.    This way the blade groups, which are preconfigured at the factory to groups of 51/26/25/12/5/0 or 26/14/12/6/6/ 0 can basically be configured to any grouping. The individual blade group is selected by turning the shaft which has the cams push-fit connected to it for easy re-grouping, allowing operators to respond flexibly to conditions and customer wishes.

Unloading the bales: The Big Pack is now also available in ‘BaleCollect-ready’ configuration which means it has all the modifications that are necessary to attach the BaleCollect accumulator. At the same time, Krone continues to offer the roller chute for the Big Pack either with or without bale weighing sensors.

With the launch of the new generation of Big Pack baler, Krone is underlining its long-standing position as a specialist manufacturer of large balers. The new high-performance machines score on a whole range of innovations and impress with unprecedented levels of bale quality, operator convenience and longevity.

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